The Snail Performance SHOWKAR

CSF sponsored WRX time attack monster

CSF media partners,, have released a full feature and inside look into Snail Performance’s SHOWKAR. This Subaru WRX time attack monster is cooled with CSF’s 2 row racing-spec STI/WRX all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7042).

Check out the full feature, which was taken at this year’s finale of the Red Line Time Attack series, on – Sneek Peak: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR

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Subaru Racing Radiators – Thin Is In

How CSF's cooling technology is changing the game one race car at a time

CSF has been working with specialized Subaru race teams across N. America to prove that our B-tube technology and other innovative technologies make for the most amazing temperature drops with our new cooling systems including our line of Subaru Racing radiators. Subaru race cars typically run very hot, especially high horse power applications over 500 HP, especially with front mount intercooler set-ups.

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VIDEO: Yamaha R1 “The WORKS”

CSF's Yamaha R1 Radiator Load Testing

As CSF gets ready to release “The WORKS 2.0” We thought we would post the first dyno video of us testing our original “The WORKS” all-aluminum radiator for the Yamaha R1 motorcycle. As you can see through the independent testing on the radiator, this thing doesn’t overheat under even the most demanding load testing.. Even with no fans on the dyno pushing air through the radiator. (CSF #8021)

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New Nissan Frontier Radiator

Proud to announce

CSF is proud to announce that our new all-aluminum heavy duty Nissan Frontier Radiator will be available sometime towards the end of November. We have teamed up with to bring you an exclusive group-by opportunity to purchase the unit for a special limited time offer of $349.00 (MSRP: $399).

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