CSF COOLS Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle

COOLING Partner of Global Time Attack in 2017

It’s about time I put up my blog for The Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle. It was very hectic coming back from SEMA, checking out the Super Lap Battle less than a week after the show, preparing for the PRI show, and let’s not forget about the Thanksgiving holiday. Now that all the dust has settled, time to change gears and dive right into the Super Lap Battle.

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The Snail Performance SHOWKAR

CSF sponsored WRX time attack monster

CSF media partners,, have released a full feature and inside look into Snail Performance’s SHOWKAR. This Subaru WRX time attack monster is cooled with CSF’s 2 row racing-spec STI/WRX all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7042).

Check out the full feature, which was taken at this year’s finale of the Red Line Time Attack series, on – Sneek Peak: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR

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