One of the hottest BMW events in North America since 2020 has been Bimmer Invasion in Orlando Florida. This is the place to see the latest and greatest builds. Enthusiasts and Companies go all out and this year was no exception.

While the G8X M3/M4 has been on the market for a couple years now, it really started hitting it’s stride in the aftermarket over the past year. Tuners, parts manufacturers, and enthusiasts have been testing the limits of the S58. With more and more supporting mods available now, we are really starting to see what this motor is capable of. So it comes as no surprise that the number of G8X M3s and M4s at the show this year was exponentially bigger than last year and these weren’t just garage queens.

The hottest G8X Cars on the east coast

Titan Motorsports – G80 M3 Competition

Titan Motorsports has been a powerhouse in the drag racing world for years. Over the past few years they have built some of the highest horsepower and fastest B58 powered cars. It’s no surprise that they took that experience and focused their attention on the new S58 power plant. Titan Motorsports recently (mid January) procured their G80 M3 Competition in Fire Orange. They got to work building a car they could debut at Bimmer Invasion and they knocked it out of the park.

The build is centered around the CSF 3-Piece Power Cooling Package. This package includes the “Level Up” Charge Air Cooler Manifold (CSF #8233) custom finished in Fire Orange, Front Mount Heat Exchanger (CSF #8215), and ZF8 Auto Transmission Cooler (CSF #8221). Featured on this build are parts from some of the biggest name in the industry. Styling and Aero by Vorsteiner, IND Distribution, and Fall Line Motorsports give the M3 a sophisticated yet aggressive presence. KW Suspension offers a modest drop and improved handling. The rest of the performance is rounded out with Eventuri’s Carbon Intake System and tuned in house by Titan Motorsports.

Complete Build List:

  • 2023 M3 Competition Jahre 50th edition: Fire orange
  • Engine bay:
    • Eventuri Carbon intake systems
    • Eventuri Carbon engine cover modified
    • CSF Intake Manifold in Fire Orange
    • CSF Heat exchanger
    • CSF ZF8 transmission cooler
    • Fall-line Strut brace
  • Exterior/Interior:
    • Vorsteiner Carbon Front Motorsports Grille
    • Vorsteiner Carbon Front Spoiler
    • Vorsteiner Carbon Rear Diffuser
    • MHC+ M wing Carbon Mirrors
    • MHC+ M3 Performance Style Side skirts
    • MHC+ Performance Style Front ducts
    • IND X Acexxon Reflector Cosmetic package
  • Suspension/Wheels:
    • KW Suspension H.A.S kit
    • Vorsteiner V-FF 107 in Carbon Graphite ( 20”/20” )

The Studio PSI – G80 M3 Competition

The Studio PSI (Precision Sport Industries) is well known in the BMW community for building some of the coolest cars on the east coast. There was their Ruby Stone G80 M3 that was all over the internet last year. Undoubtedly their newest G8X build will be an even bigger hit. This time the Studio PSI owner (Drew Leslie) decided to build his own G80 and the results speak for themselves.

This 2022 Santorini Blue G80 M3 Competition is absolutely gorgeous. Also centered around the CSF 3-Piece Power Cooling Package. The highlight of this package is definitely the “Level Up” Charge Air Cooler Manifold (CSF #8233) custom finished in Santorini Blue for that perfect color coordination. Performance upgrade list includes: Active Autowerke Downpipes w/ cats, PSI Midpipe, Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust, and Eventuri Carbon Intake System. Suspension features the new AST ALS (Adjustable Lower Springs) to get that perfect ride height. In addition, all the exterior styling modifications come from Vorsteiner. The combination of Santorini Blue, Carbon Fiber, and those White Gold FR-305s make you just stop and stare.

Complete Build List:

  • 2022 G80 M3 Comp xDrive
    • Santorini Blue Exterior
    • Kyalami Orange Interior
    • Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • Modifications:
    • AST Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit
    • PSI G8X Stainless Brake Lines
    • PSI G8X Akrapovic Midpipe
    • Akrapovic Axle Back G8X Titanium Slip on Exhaust W/ Carbon Octagonal Tips
    • Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Aero Wing Blade with Aluminum Uprights
    • Vorsteiner VRS Carbon Front Spoiler
    • Vorsteiner ABS Grille
    • M Performance Side Skirts
    • M Performance rear Diffuser
    • CSF Upgraded Heat Exchanger
    • CSF Charge-Air Cooler Manifold (Powder Coated in Santorini Blue)
    • CSF BMW G8X ZF8 Transmission Cooler
    • IND Paint Match Front Reflector Deletes
    • Rear Reflector Xeccon Delete with horizontal Slats
    • 1/30 Eventuri Dry Carbon Intakes
    • Active Autowerke Gesi Catted Downpipes
    • Vorsteiner FR-305 Wheels in White Gold with Polished Lip (F – 20 X 10 , R – 20 X 11)

S58nyc – G82 M4 Competition xDrive

One of the highlights of the weekend was spending time with S58NYC and his Sao Paulo Yellow G82 M4 Competition xDrive. S58NYC is an avid car enthusiast who is very active in motorsports competitions. You may have seen his RWD G82 M4 Competition social media or at the drag strip. Needless to say, he isn’t a garage queen builder, but he does know how to style his cars.

This M4 has the most extreme performance upgrades of the bunch. A fully built bottom end and Pure Drivetrain Solutions built transmission are set up for more than 1000+hp. The CSF 3-Piece Power Cooling Package and specifically the “Level-Up” Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold is going to play a huge role when it comes time for tuning after the engine is broken in. Boost will be provided by a massive single turbo upgrade pulled through the Eventuri Carbon Intake System. Exhaust is managed through an Active Autowerke system which sounds even better than it looks.

While some people might elect to focus on just show or go upgrades, S58NYC goes hard on both fronts. The full aero kit and front bumper from ADRO Inc really set the mood on the exterior styling. In this case though, the styling is also functional offering improved aerodynamics for added performance. Suspension for now handled by KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Springs) giving the M4 a nice lowered stance. A set of custom 20 inch wheels round off the “show” setup, but he also has a set of M Performance 963 wheels for his drag setup.

Complete Build List:

  • 2023 BMW G82 M4 code name “Bumblebee” built by Autocraft BMW
  • VAC Motorsports Pistons, Rods, port & polish head, valve springs & titanium retainers
  • Pure Stage 2+ Turbo
  • AB Performance Tuned
  • Bootmod3 x3m cloned ecu
  • Full e85
  • CSF Intake Manifold w/ 1000cc port injectors
  • CSF Heat Exchanger
  • CSF ZF8 Transmission Cooler
  • Pure Drive Solutions Stage 2+ Transmission
  • Eventuri Intakes
  • KW Coilover kit
  • Motiv Reflex PI Controller
  • Custom High Flow low pressure fuel pump
  • Custom Goliath 3.5 Active Autowerks Race Exhaust
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • Custom 20” Wheels
  • ADRO front bumper, sideskirts and rear diffuser
  • CSL style Yellow DRLs
  • Turner Motorsports strut brace
  • Custom painted engine & ecu cover

Bimmer Invasion G8X Round Up

By and large, Bimmer Invasions Orlando was an amazing event. There were countless G8X builds present and it was great to see how much development has happened in the variety of upgrades available for the chassis. Without a doubt, the G8X has been fully integrated into the BWM tuning world.

S58NYC took home the award for Best Coupe at the show. With all the hard work and effort put into this build so far, CSF can definitely say he earned it.

Titan Motorsports cleaned house with the award for Best A90 Supra and Best M of the show.

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