Episode II

Fast forward to March 2021 – as the body work continues on the CSF 911, the engine build is underway at renown Porsche engine builder, Prato Motorwerks.

Simo and the owner of Prato Motorwerks, Fabian Prato, have worked together many times in the past and he’s one of the best in the biz when it comes to building air-cooled Porsche engines. 

We dive into the details of the 3.9-liter, naturally aspirated, 400+ horsepower custom-built engine sourced from SSF’s complete catalog of Porsche OEM and high-performance parts. 

The key to reliability is not only choosing a knowledgable engine builder, but also using top-of-the-line parts – we’ve chose to go with parts from some of the top manufacturers in the world including pistons  from LN + Mahle, custom cams from WebCamshaftsPauter rods, valve covers from Tarett Engineering, and an array of new OEM Porsche components.

Next, we’ll be finishing up our engine with our custom fabricated GT3 plenum and Kinsler ITB Fuel Injection Kit including drive-by-wire kit.  The engine will be finished off by renown motorsports electronics expert, Ryan Basseri from Rywire, who will be making a custom engine harness to sync-up the DBW and Motec ECU.

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