The Finale

It all comes down to this. Global Time Attack Finals took place on November 14th-16th at the world famous Buttonwillow Raceway. From last year’s engine fire, to complete tear-down and a full racecar transformation over the period of ten months – CSF Motorsports takes their #CSFevoX out to compete at the 2020 GTA Finals in the most competitive class, AWD Unlimited. 

CSF brought the full crew;

  • Mike, Martin, & Howard from MotoIQ crew-chief the car
  • Wayne from ISC Tuning flies back in to work alongside Jon from 5150 Racing
  • Brian Kono from Afterhours Composite Works also comes along to lend a key helping hand in the pits
  • CSF team driver Michael Essa again comes along for the ride behind the wheel

This may be the end of the 2020 video series, but really the journey of the #CSFevoX is just getting started. Subscribe to our Youtube and other social media to get updates and follow along with further development and the 2021 race season. 

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