The TOPCAR Porsche 911 Stinger GTR – COOLED by CSF

Not Your Average Turbo S

What is a TOPCAR Stinger GTR? …Basically, you take a standard Porsche 991 Turbo S and turn the volume up to 11.

This build features TOPCARโ€™s Stinger GTR 18-piece body kit including custom front and rear bumpers, fenders, a custom diffuser and a ton of carbon fiber pieces. Painted in a BMW Frozen Grey color with yellow accents, both the interior and exterior have just the right amount of stealth and sport. This is a uniquely customized 991 Turbo S, created specifically for TOPCAR’s customer, Felix Ferro.ย 

The car features 21โ€ ADV5 M.V2 SL centerlock wheels from ADV.1, customized in a liquid smoke finish with the perfect specs to clear the ceramic brakes.

The car’s color scheme is carried through on the inside, where it features a classic Porsche look; two-tone interior, a carbon dash, center console, door panels, and steering wheel with yellow gauges and stitching.

โ€ฆBut this build is not just about its stunning looks.

In addition to the aesthetic and body work, Stinger GTRs generally come with a performance package โ€“ including upgraded brakes, exhaust, and a bit more power. 

In stock form, the 911 Turboโ€™s 3.8-liter twin turbo six-cylinder pushes 540 horsepower and 487 ft. lbs. torque. In this case, the team at Gosha Turbo Tech, a CSF dealer located in Moscow, Russia, put their finishing touches on it, and managed to squeeze out about 750 horsepower โ€“ a number that makes for much more fun street driving.ย 

Included in their list of performance upgrades is CSF’s High-Performance Twin Intercooler Set for 991 Turbo and Turbo S โ€“ a best seller, ran on some of the fastest Porsches on the planet (including our own 1,000 HP 991 Turbo S). With a 43.75% increase in flow area and a 70% increase in surface area, the intercoolers provide more than enough cooling for the Stinger GTR’s heavily modified engine.

CSF Porsche 991 Turbo/S Intercooler Features:

  • 3D Scanned, CAD Designed, 3D Printed Prototype Tested in Collaboration with RK Autowerks โ€“ Providing the Absolute Best Fitting Aftermarket 991 Turbo Intercoolers 
  • CFD Tested Cast Endtanks, Built to the Best Tolerance Specs for Maximum Airflow
  • CSFโ€™s โ€œUltimate Boostโ€ High-Performance Bar & Plate Core
  • 4.53โ€ Thick Core vs. OEM 3.15โ€ Core (115mm vs. 80mm)
  • 8mm Tall Louvered Fin w/ 6.5mm Staggered Internal Fins โ€“ Designed to Maximize Surface Area Contact and Heat Dissipation 
  • OEM Clip-in Hardware Design w/ โ€œQuick Connectโ€ Machined Fittings, Utilizes Factory Mounting Points and Hardware for an OEM-Level Install
  • โ€œDrop-in Fit,โ€ No Modifications to Metal Brackets, etc. (Requires Slight Modification to Plastic Shrouds)
  • Finished with an Aerospace-Grade, Nano-Particle Heat Dispersion Coating w/ ~35% Better Heat Dissipation than Raw Aluminum (~$500 USD Value)
  • Individually Inspected for Quality + Leak/Pressure, Tested to 120 PSI, Wind Tunnel Optimized, and Dyno Tested
  • Specifically Cut Protective Foam Packaging 
  • Manufactured In-House by CSF, a Tier-1 OEM Manufacturer with Over 50 Years of Cooling System Manufacturing Experience โ€“ Over 500,000 Units Sold Yearly, Over 40 Million Units Sold Globally

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