What is a TOPCAR Stinger GTR? …Basically, you take a standard Porsche 991 Turbo S and turn the volume up to 11.

This build features TOPCAR’s Stinger GTR 18-piece body kit including custom front and rear bumpers, fenders, a custom diffuser, and a ton of carbon fiber pieces. Painted in a BMW Frozen Grey color with yellow accents, both the interior and exterior have just the right amount of stealth and sport. This is a uniquely customized 991 Turbo S, created specifically for TOPCAR’s customer, Felix Ferro. 

The car features 21” ADV5 M.V2 SL center-lock wheels from ADV.1, customized in a liquid smoke finish with the perfect specs to clear the ceramic brakes.

The car’s color scheme is carried through on the inside, where it features a classic Porsche look; two-tone interior, a carbon dash, center console, door panels, and steering wheel with yellow gauges and stitching.

…But this build is not just about its stunning looks.

In addition to the aesthetic and bodywork, Stinger GTRs generally come with a performance package – including upgraded brakes, exhaust, and a bit more power. 

In stock form, the 911 Turbo’s 3.8-liter twin turbo six-cylinder pushes 540 horsepower and 487 ft. lbs. torque. In this case, the team at Gosha Turbo Tech, a CSF dealer located in Moscow, Russia, put their finishing touches on it, and managed to squeeze out about 750 horsepower – a number that makes for much more fun street driving. 

Included in their list of performance upgrades is CSF’s High-Performance Twin Intercooler Set for 991 Turbo and Turbo S – a bestseller, ran on some of the fastest Porsches on the planet (including our own 1,000 HP 991 Turbo S). With a 43.75% increase in flow area and a 70% increase in surface area, the intercoolers provide more than enough cooling for the Stinger GTR’s heavily modified engine.

CSF Porsche 991 Turbo/S Intercooler Features:

  • 3D Scanned, CAD Designed, 3D Printed Prototype Tested in Collaboration with RK Autowerks – Providing the Absolute Best-Fitting Aftermarket 991 Turbo Intercoolers 
  • CFD Tested Cast Endtanks, Built to the Best Tolerance Specs for Maximum Airflow
  • CSF’s “Ultimate Boost” High-Performance Bar & Plate Core
  • 4.53” Thick Core vs. OEM 3.15” Core (115mm vs. 80mm)
  • 8mm Tall Louvered Fin w/ 6.5mm Staggered Internal Fins – Designed to Maximize Surface Area Contact and Heat Dissipation 
  • OEM Clip-in Hardware Design w/ “Quick Connect” Machined Fittings, Utilizes Factory Mounting Points and Hardware for an OEM-Level Install
  • “Drop-in Fit,” No Modifications to Metal Brackets, etc. (Requires Slight Modification to Plastic Shrouds)
  • Finished with an Aerospace-Grade, Nano-Particle Heat Dispersion Coating w/ ~35% Better Heat Dissipation than Raw Aluminum (~$500 USD Value)
  • Individually Inspected for Quality + Leak/Pressure, Tested to 120 PSI, Wind Tunnel Optimized, and Dyno Tested
  • Specifically Cut Protective Foam Packaging 
  • Manufactured In-House by CSF, a Tier-1 OEM Manufacturer with Over 50 Years of Cooling System Manufacturing Experience – Over 500,000 Units Sold Yearly, Over 40 Million Units Sold Globally
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