Big news flooded the car scene back in 2017. For Honda fans, it was huge. The United States was getting its first ever Honda Civic Type R.

For decades, die-hard Honda fans have been importing Type R vehicles, parts, and other components. The company’s high-performance roots are unlike any other and have been survived by a group of true “grassroots” enthusiasts since the Integra Type R – until the return of the NSX and release of the CTR.

The engineers involved in the creation of the first USA-bound Civic Type R knew they had big shoes to fill.

“A good car is not good enough. It can only be called a Type R if it is exciting.”

Yuya Goto, Type R Suspension Engineer

The news of the Type R was strung across every major headline before it even arrived – quickly becoming the fastest production Honda ever in the United States and the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle on the Nürburgring, with a lap time of 7 minutes and 50 seconds. With further improvements to the following generation’s chassis, Honda managed to shave 7 more seconds off the lap time.

Its performance was already proven, it had tons of exciting new features, just enough cues from past models, and three pedals to boot – the return of Type R had a solid backing from the enthusiast crowd. As its insane original dealer mark-ups declined, it became increasingly popular amongst performance drivers.

Like other 2.0L turbo engines, Its 306-horsepower VTEC power plant saw great improvements from bolt-on mods. Honda Performance Development (HPD) recognized this, and decided to try it for themselves. The result: The Civic Type R TC and TCR. 

With the goal to save racers time and money lost when doing everything themselves, HPD worked to develop a turn-key “ready to race” version of the Type R, designed specifically for the track. To do so, they started with the R&D data collected over the last couple of years. The HPD-developed race car even begins its life as a white Civic Type R with the existing engine – everything looks pretty similar… until you pop the hood and dig a little deeper. 

Then you find an abundance of performance parts – some of which are created in house by HPD, and some that are created in partnership with companies in the aftermarket industry. This made for a proven, high-performance setup straight from the factory. Aero, exhaust, a limited-slip differential, manual transmission, brakes, and seats are just a start to the list of parts that have been upgraded.

The Type R CTR Used for Development

Honda Performance Development turned to CSF to ensure the new models, that are pushing up to roughly 340 horsepower, stay COOL – starting with the CSF Race-Style Radiator, designed specifically for this new model. It features CSF’s high-performance core with innovative B-tube technology and multi-louvered fins, as well as a reverse-flow orientation design for lower outlet temperatures (necessary with the car’s intercooler placement in front of the lower portion of the radiator).

The CSF Universal Bar and Plate Oil Cooler was the second step. The original CTR didn’t have an external engine oil cooler from the factory, and track-goers saw the effects of that. During heavy track use, its engine oil temperatures skyrocketed causing the car to cut power and go into “limp mode.” To solve this, CSF supplied a heavy-duty dual-pass oil cooler, which was placed beneath the passenger headlight along with HPD’s mesh insert that increases airflow.

With proven products and build partners, the new Type R TC and TCR are surefire, track-ready builds straight from Honda’s performance factory. Available for purchase to registered North American racing customers, the TC-class vehicles come with tech support on and away from the track.

In 2020, the cars will be tackling the SRO TC Americas Series and IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge, where they saw multiple wins in 2019.

Honda Civic Type-R (FK8) – OEM Race Radiator for HPD Civic Type R TC Race Car

Honda Civic Type-R (FK8) – OEM Supplemental Engine Oil Cooler for HPD Civic Type R TC Race Car

  • CSF #8119 Universal High-Performance Bar/Plate Oil Cooler as Factory Engine Oil Cooler
  • Solves High Engine Oil Temperatures, High Engine Water Temperatures, and Common “Limp Mode” 
  • Placed Underneath Passenger Headlight Using an HPD Mesh Insert vs. OEM Plastic for Airflow to the Oil Cooler 
  • Durable Bar & Plate Design Withstands Impact of Road Debris 
  • M22 x 1.5 Connections
  • 13″ L x 4.75″ H x 2.16″ W
  • Available Worldwide: MSRP/MAP $289.00 USD (CSF #8119)
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    Hi Jerry,

    We do not offer a complete oil cooler kit for the FK8 Civic Type R. The kit used on this car is made by HPD using our #8119. We have had some customers make their own with a similar design using the CSF #8119.