370Z Triple-Pass

New CSF 370Z/G37 Triple Pass Radiator Tested

Featured on MotoIQ.com

The worlds first triple pass radiator and condenser total cooling solution for the Nissan 370Z & Infiniti G37 has been announced by CSF! MotoIQ got their hands on the first unit a month ago, and took it around the track for a total shakedown. Check out the article here:

Project 370Z – Heated Battle, Testing the CSF Triple Pass Radiator

Nissan 370Z with Triple Pass Radiator

CSF not only improved the flow design for this new triple pass radiator unit, but also improved several other critical areas. We changed from an 8mm fin height to a 6.5mm fin height. This has allowed us to add ~20% more tubes to the core. This also allows us to create more surface area contact between our exclusive B-tubes and the CSF multi louvered fins for optimum heat transfer efficiency. (More info on cores can be found in the tech section.)

CSF Radiator Close-Up

CSF had a vision when we developed the new 370Z & G37 triple pass radiator. With improved strength aluminum used for both the drain plug and bleeder screw to ensure reliability during fluid changes.

Triple Pass Radiator Close Up Shots

370Z Triple Pass Radiator Closeup

The detachable benefits of the radiator + condenser continue to make CSF the leaders in cooling system innovation, and the leaders in cooling for the Nissan VQ35 platform.

370Z Triple Pass Radiator Close Up Shot

MotoIQ.com has been testing the CSF radiator for the VQ35 platform since the original unit came out in 2012.. Check out the first article here:

You can check out all of our leading Nissan radiators here, stay cool out there friends!:

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