Finding another M2 built like this is like finding a word that rhymes with Orange. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the finished product was Clone Trooper and/or BB8, for all you Star Wars fans out there, you probably thought the same. Nonetheless, this Bavarian barbarian is one of a kind and ready to tear up the track.

I would like to introduce you to the Tyspeed BMW F87 M2 Club Racer. I’m sure you’d like to dive right into the specs of this car, so let’s get to it! This M2 is pushing 475 WHP, 500 WTQ and only weighs 2,990 lbs. dry, with no driver. Shedding 460 lbs. on the F87 M2 chassis is a bit challenging considering its size. To achieve this they’ve done few modifications to the chassis such as:

  • Completely stripped interior
  • Tyspeed composite doors, hood, and deck lid assembly with factory mounting
  • RKP Carbon 2×2 Roof from IND Distribution
  • Custom Carbon Door panels/Rear bulkhead/interior trimmings
  • Ultrashield Lexan Windshield (custom cut) Lexan Side windows
  • Carbon Headlight Blanks manufactured by Tyspeed
  • Club Race Spec Roll Cage-Fabricated by Tyspeed

All this weight loss is making me crave some power and that’s something Tyspeed didn’t skimp out on. They’ve opted with the Pure Turbos Stage 2 Turbocharger with custom fabricated Ram-Air headlight intake, VRSF Stainless Downpipe and 2-piece charge pipe. To control everything together and maximize the power, Tyspeed has opted for the Epic Motorsports custom tune along with Jb4 for logging and boost pressure control. There are a few more mixes in the secret sauce that makes this F87 M2 push out 475 whp, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of their power add-ons.

All that power needs some COOLING! Anytime you increase your power, especially for turbo applications, keeping the engine and intake temperatures cool is vital. The Tyspeed BMW F87 M2 Club Racer is equipped with CSF’s all-new Ultimate Cooling Solution for the F87 M2. The F87 M2 cooling kit includes a Triple-Pass Radiator (CSF #7078), High Performance Intercooler (CSF #8115/ #8115B) that comes in a silver or black finish, Race-Spec Dual-Pass DCT Cooler (CSF #8103) and a Race-Spec Oil Cooler (CSF #8104).

The high-performance intercooler has a unique stepped core design for maximum surface area contact and internal intake air-flow volume. It also features a rounded front face bar & plate design for optimized airflow throughout the core. Tests have shown a decrease in air intake temperatures of approximately 40° F and a power increase of 15-20 hp on stock cars, and 25+ on modified vehicles, all while being “drop-in fit”.

The innovative 2-core Race-Spec Oil Cooler (CSF #8104) is the World’s 1st and only true “plug-and-play” “drop-in fit” upgraded oil cooler for the BMW N55 engine in the BMW F87 M2. During track testing at 103° F (115° F heat index) the max oil temperature reached 240° F. This is a reduction from 275/280°F track oil temperatures (limp mode) when testing the upgraded CSF cooler versus the OEM cooler.

The F87 M2 Race-Spec Dual-Pass DCT cooler (CSF #8103) is also a World’s 1st and only true “plug-and-play” and “drop-in fit” upgraded DCT oil cooler for the BMW N55 engine in the BMW F87 M2. This unit in engineered with CSF’s AC condenser technology using a 1-row super-high pressure26mm multi-channel micro tube. The DCT cooler was lab tested and the results came in at approximately 40% more efficient than the OEM cooler.

To top off the BMW F87 M2 cooling package is the All-Aluminum High Performance Radiator (CSF #7078). This radiator was built with CSF’s 2-row 42mm core (dual core) that features CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology. The core features an ultra-efficient fin with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact. The “quick connect” inlet/outlet connections, mounting brackets and fittings are CNC machined for a superb fit and durability. The radiator is also “drop-in fit” with no modifications necessary to install and uses all OEM components including “quick connect” hoses, AC condenser, mounting brackets and fan shroud.

This beastly BMW F87 M2 will be a menace on the track, and very intimidating to see in your rearview mirror. If you don’t catch this car on the track or show, you can definitely see this on display at our booth at the PRI Show in December. I can’t wait to get up close and personal with this build. Follow Tyspeed Automotive for more updates and information on this build. That just about wraps things up for this amazing BMW F87 M2 build cooled by CSF! Summer is around the corner and we’ll have more event coverage and car features to come so Stay Tuned, and STAY COOL!!

Update on Tyspeed’s F87 M2 from CSF at the 2018 PRI Show
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