Every auto enthusiast loves getting together to talk about what excites them most, their vehicles. Cars & Coffee is the perfect way for many people to do this in a casual environment. Surprisingly enough though, for all these type of events that take place in Southern California, there are almost none that focus primarily on the off-road community. For this reason, Pit+Paddock and CSF saw this as an opportunity to create a truly unique event.

Pit+Paddock puts on some of the biggest Cars & Coffee events around the country. Given their enormous success, the crew at Pit+Paddock decided they wanted to try out an Overland and Off-Road edition. So back in February of this year, the team here at CSF were approached by Pit+Paddock to see if we’d be interested in hosting such an event at our headquarters. This event was to be the culmination of the collaborative off-road build for CSF TRD. We honestly didn’t know what to expect as this was the first Overland Event either organization had hosted.

Show TIme

The show ended up being a huge success. With the support of prominent players in the community like RIG.TALK, Pure 4×4, and Yotamafia, we filled up the entire venue and overflow parking with well over 200 off-road rigs. Our partners at K&N, Hawk Performance, Titan 7, WESTiN, and Seibon also did their part as well bringing their own trucks and SUVs as well as booths to really round out the event.

It was quite a sight to behold with so many rigs sporting full aftermarket lifts, oversized all/mud-terrain tires, and the full gambit of imaginable accessories. Roof mounted camping tents sat attop many of the trucks. Some even had built in cooking setups. We are pretty sure a lot of the attendees could live out of the rig’s for days at a time.

The Flex Zone

The highlight of the show and main attraction though had to be the Flex Zone competition. What is a Flex Zone competition? Suspension flex range is one of the performance metrics of any off-road vehicle. So in a typical flex zone competition, rigs drive up a ramp to obtain a Ramp Travel Index (RTI). The RTI is a good indicator of axle articulation. So the higher you can go, the better your suspension is for off-roading. Obviously this isn’t the perfect metric, but it’s a lot of fun and we had attendees with everything from fully built Trucks & SUVs to a lifted Subaru Crosstrek giving it a go.

All In All

In the end, the most important thing is that everyone who attended the show had an amazing time. Boutique coffee, raffle prize, flex zone competition, and steaks grilled out of the back of RIG.TALK‘s truck all made the event even more memorable. However, we honestly feel that without any of that it still would have been an enjoyable event for everyone. What really matters in the end is the community. Enthusiasts coming together in one place is the core attraction and the off-road community is definitely one of the best.

We look forward to more off-road event in the future and want to extend a special thanks to our friends at Pit+Paddock for organizing such a great event.

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See yourself at our event? Check our complete coverage out here to download!

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