S55-Swapped E30 M3

A team of six students from Colorado had to build a SEMA ready E30 M3 with a “heart transplant” of BMW’s newest M3 motor (S55) in less than one year in a home garage and raise awareness for the Morgan Adams Foundation, a children’s cancer charity. Two full years were spent planning and working with the automotive aftermarket’s best minds to develop plans for the car and procure the best components available. A successful final product is one that reaches a new level of fit, finish, design or mechanical ingenuity without being derivative. This level of excellence is a direct result of pairing enthusiasts’ fresh ideas with the industry’s best experts.

In eleven months, the team built an E30 M3 dressed for the street with a groundbreaking drivetrain and chassis beneath for SEMA. After SEMA, an additional seven months were spent refining the car by a group of the mentors and three of the students. The final product is known as the HA.3.




  • MCS 3-Way Remote Dampers and True Rear Coilovers
  • Tubular Suspension with Custom Geometry Arms from SLR Speed
  • Extensive Hidden Chassis Reinforcements
  • Full Nut and Bolt Restoration Down to Bare Metal
  • Every Plastic or Rubber Component Replaced
  • Chassis Consulting and Components from Bimmerworld
  • Custom Subframes

Wheels & Tires

  • Forgeline Centerlock Wheels w/ Offsets to Accommodate Custom Suspension and Brake Components

Interior & Exterior

  • Cardinal Red Napa Leather Interior
  • Leather Wrapped Dash, Console, and Pillars
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler and Gurney Flap
  • Many Brand New, Hard to Find “NLA” Parts Sourced Worldwide Over a 3 Year Period (Headlights, Taillights, EVO 3 Body Parts)


  • Custom Coding and Tuning from BPM Sport


  • Differential Machined for 4 Clutches, Custom Ramp Angles, and a Non-E30 3.38 Ratio from DiffsOnline


  • F80 M3 ABS (Converted to 4 Channel)
  • F80 Brake Master Cylinder/Booster (Modified Pedal Box)
  • AP Racing Radi-Cal Front Calipers Designed for the F80 from Essex Racing
  • E46 Rear Brakes



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