CSF x art of attack g82 m4

We present, the Art of Attack x CSF Cooling Time Attack G82 M4 Competition. Our goal is to build the fastest Time Attack G82 M4 in N. America. Starting with collecting baseline data on many different parameters during our first track day at Buttonwillow. This will be done in 100% stock form. From there, we added wheels, suspension, power bolt ons, tunes, turbos, and of course cooling upgrades as these products were/are released by top brands in the performance aftermarket industry.

Project/Build Details


  • 2021 BMW G82 M4 Competition (RWD – ZF8 Auto)



  • KW – Variant 4 Coilover Kit
    (PN: 3A7200EB)
  • SPL – Front Lower Control Arms
    (PN: SPL FLCA G8X)
  • SPL – Front Tension Rods
    (PN: SPL TR G8X)
  • SPL – Bumpsteer Adjustable Tie Rod Ends
    (PN: SPL TRE G29)
  • SPL – Rear Upper Arms
    (PN: SPL RUA F8X)
  • SPL – Rear Traction Links
    (PN: SPL RTR F8X)
  • SPL – Rear Toe Links + Eccentric Lockout
  • SPL – Rear Swaybar Endlinks
    (PN: SPL RE F8X)

Wheels & Tires

  • Titan7 – T-S5 Forged Split 5 Spoke Wheels
    • Size: 19×11.0
    • PCD: 5×112
    • Offset:
  • Goodyear – Eagle F1 Supercar 3R Tires
    • Size: 305/35R19 (front) 325/30R19 (rear)


  • OEM BMW Brakes


  • RS Future – Custom Carbon Fiber Splitter
  • RS Future – 3D Outwash Splitter End Plates
  • RS Future – Swan Neck Wing
  • RS Future – Fender Flares
  • RS Future – Carbon 3D side splitters (prototype)


  • RSMOTORSPORT – 8-Point Docol® Steel Roll Bar
  • Schroth – Racing Harnesses

Upgrades and Track Testing

Benchmark testing at BUTTONWILLOW RACEWAY

March 12th, 2021

In 100% Stock Form (with OEM Michelin PS4S tires) the G82 M4 put down a respectable 1:56.15 lap time.

There is definitely plenty of room for improvement. However, it is important to establish a solid benchmark to gauge how our upgrades improve lap times.

Upgraded Wheels & Tires at Buttonwillow

June 8th, 2021

Our 2nd track test was done with the addition of a set of Titan 7 Wheels and Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R tires. We went with a 285/35R19 square setup for this test.

Even in 100+ °F we were able to knock our lap time down to 1:54.XX (a full 2 second improvement).

SuSpension & Aero Upgrades

October 25th, 2021

One week before SEMA 2021 we rushed to get our KW V4 Coilovers and RS Future Aero parts installed.

Suspension upgrades were high on our list but with most things we had to wait for development to be completely before we could get our hands on some production units.

For aerodynamic upgrades, we have a long list of thing we want to test out but started off with a custom front splitter with outwash end plates, rear wing, and fender flares.

The fender flares allowed up to fit wider tires stepping us up from a 285 all around to 305 in the front and 325 in the rear.

We already had our next track day scheduled and were looking forward to see how our upgrades performed.

Global TIme Attack at Buttonwillow

November 14th, 2021

We only had a few days to shake down the M4 before the GTA (Global Time Attack) event. This was our first time out with the new Aero and Suspension so we had our work cut out for us.

On our first test we managed a 1:53.XX out of the gate. Over the course of the next few days we managed tweek and tune everything bringing our times even further down.

A sub 1:50.XX time was the goal we had set for this event, and we finished off the final session of GTA with a 1:49.70. This was a huge accomplishment considering all this was done without a proper alignment.

More Suspension Upgrades

December 15th, 2021

SPL was gracious enough to send us every suspension component they offer for the G82 M4. These parts will give us the ability to tune the suspension exactly the way we want it to be.

We spend most of our next track day dialing in the alignment and burning through what was left of our tires. By the we were happy with how the car felt and was behaving.

Cooled by CSF

January 25th, 2022

With the suspension dialed in it was finally time to do some work on the engine.

All modern turbocharged cars have issues with heat soak. The OEM cooling system just weren’t designed to maintain peak power under hard driving conditions.

The prototype CSF G8X Heat Exchanger is our solution to keep our IATs (Intake Air Temperatures) in check as we turned up the boost. This will also help us combat heat soak from hurting our power as we push the M4 on the track.

Initial testing showed much more consistent power numbers and lower IATs across the board.

Intake, Exhaust, and Tuning Upgrades

May 17th, 2022

With our cooling system performing at its best, it was finally time to add some power to this beast.

On the intake side, Eventuri was nice enough to rush us their Carbon Fiber intake system to help the engine breathe better.

On the exhaust side, Studio RSR Down Pipes paired with an Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust system keep things flowing. Did we mention it sounds amazing?

With all the supporting upgrades in place it was time to start tuning. We are starting off fairly conservatively but still managed to some excellent numbers with E40 Fuel. We recorded a healthy 596 whp and 586 wtq.

Once the first track tests on the conservative tune is complete, we plan to move forward more aggressively to see what the S58 motor can do.

Bimmer Challenge at AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY

June 4-5th, 2022

We still in the process of getting everything dialed in for the M4. Bimmer Challenge at ACS gave us the perfect opportunity to get in some test laps while showing off the build to the BMW community.

While we’re not ready to share times, we will say the car feels like it is on rails. The aero bias feels well balanced and we were able to test out the new Prototype RS Future Carbon 3D Side Splitters. Mounted just below the OEM side skirt they gave the car a lower, wider, more aggressive look that flows great with the aesthetic of the RSF front splitter.

We’ll be coming back soon with stiffer spring rates and small alignment changes. Maybe 1-2 more test days and we’re ready to set some fast lap times.

RSMOTORSPORT 8pt Cage Install

October 19th, 2022

The M4 is back from RSMOTORSPORT with a fresh 8pt Cage, and as usual Riley absolutely CRUSHED it. Fully TIG’d Docol® Steel (specifically designed for motorsport use), 8 point w/ anti intrusion, tubing welded to the body in key locations to increase rigidity.

Riley’s work is up there with the best in the industry and we’re hyped that he was willing to squeeze us into his already busy schedule.

CSF Manifold & other SEMA Prep

October 25th, 2022

With only a few days left before SEMA 2022, Art of Attack has been working like crazy to get everything wrapped up in time for the show.

CSF was on hand to assist RS Future in installing the new “Level-Up” S58 Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold.
This thing is a work of art and it’s going to make the engine bay look a ton better. But more importantly it’s going to provide a cooler charge allowing us to make more and safer power. And with a port injection provision it’ll allow us to run these Radium Engineering and Injector Dynamics goodies so we can run full E85.

Also going in this week is the Recaro Pro Racer RMS 2600A. Full carbon, super light. Almost futuristic look, perfect for a modern car like the G82 M4.

The Alpha N Performance carbon hood weighed in at only 18lbs and is a work of art. This hood not only saves weight but gives the engine bay some extra ventilation to help keep under hood temps under control.

The full Aero Package is being upgraded with RS Future’s latest suite of Carbon bits. This includes a new front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts/splitters, and large swan neck wing.

SEMA 2022 Debut – Speedhunters

November 4th, 2022

There’s something immensely enjoyable about seeing a performance car evolve from street to full race trim, particularly when the stages of evolution are so clearly defined.
If you’re thinking that this car looks familiar, it just might do. The Art of Attack G82 BMW M4 Competition made a brief appearance in our overall SEMA coverage last year (2021) as a lightly modified street car which had been built to become the fastest time attack G80/82 in North America. That’s a feat it achieved earlier this year in Street class trim at Global Time Attack (GTA) as a pretty much full weight, relatively stock-powered S58 vehicle…
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Paddy McGrath (Speedhunters Author)

We’ll be sharing our experience along the way to help guide the G80/82 S58 community toward track tested and proven products. Glad to have you guys along for the ride.


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