• Evospec/CP Forged Piston Set 
  • Evospec/Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ Carr Bolts 
  • Evospec Head Stud Kit 
  • Evospec Press-In Iron Liners
  • Evospec Head Gaskets w/ O-Rings 
  • Evospec Rod Bearings 
  • OEM Main/Thrust Bearings, OEM Gaskets/Seals 
  • New OEM Fuel Injectors
  • New OEM Oil Seperator 
  • Evoms EVT1100 Turbo System by Evolution Motorsports of Arizona
  • Borg Warner EFR7163 Ball Bearing Turbochargers 
  • Turbosmart IWG Actuators and Custom Brackets/Wastegate Rods 
  • 321 Stainless-Steel Headers 
  • Firesleeved/Heat Protected Turbo Lines/Hardware 
  • Custom Valved Exhaust: 2.5″ Muffler for Light Load or 2.5″ Straight Dump When Under Boost
  • 3″ Aluminum Turbo Inlet Plumbing 
  • Custom High Flow Y-Pipe 
  • GT2RS Throttle Body Coupler and Boot 
  • CSF Cooling 4.5″ High Performance Intercoolers
  • CSF Cooling 3-Piece All-Aluminum Radiator Kit 
  • Eventuri Carbon Fiber High-Flow Air Intake System w/ Gen-2 Cone Filters 
  • Twin Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pumps, OE Pump Controllers w/ Relayed Power Supply, High Flow Filters, and Custom Feed/Return Lines for Secondary Fuel System
  • DFI System is Completely Intact and Functions with Stock ECU Plugged in
  • SRM Intake Manifold Spacers, Center Intake Plenum, and Fuel Rails 
  • ID1050x Secondary Injectors 


  • Syvecs 991 Turbo Plug’n’Play Standalone ECU
  • Tuned by Wayne Potts of ISC Tuning
  • Full Flex Fuel Support w/ Automatic Map Blending, ‘Map 3 Safe Mode’ to Prevent Car from Running Full Power with Weak Ethanol Blends, etc.
  • Custom Tuned Launch/Traction Control – Launches Soft at 3500rpm to Preserve the Gearbox, Consistently Lays Down 2.4x 0-60 Passes in 100F Phoenix Heat
  • Three Maps Selectable Through Cruise Control Stalk
    • 90 Octane Pump Gas: 647whp / 18psi
    • 100 Octane Race Gas: 807whp / 27psi
    • E85 “Kill Mode”: 986whp / 30psi

Interior & Exterior

  • Agate Grey Exterior, Black Leather Interior w/ Yellow Instrument Clusters
  • Sterling Auto Con 991.2 Rear Conversion w/ Porsche 991.2 OEM Smoked Taillights 
  • Sterling Auto Con Shaved Front Grille Slats with Rennline Radiator Grille Mesh
  • Sterling Auto Con Custom 1/1 GT2RS Style Decklid with Custom Duckbill Wing  
  • 991.2 GT3RS Side Ducts 
  • 991.2 GT2RS Side Skirts 
  • Porsche 991 Turbo Aero-Kit Front Lip 
  • Sparco SPX Seats w/ Custom Upholstery for Scroth 5-Point Harnesses, Seat Bases by GMG 
  • Fire Extinguisher Mounted on Roll Bar Using Bray Kraus Billet Quick-Release Mounting System 
  • K40 Radar/Laser Detector System Built into Steering Column
  • Antigravity lightweight lithium ion battery. 
  • Suntek PPF (Full Front End – Front Bumper, Headlights, Fenders, Mirror Caps, and Kick Panels), Blue Vinyl Accents by Rhino Customs Detailing  


  • Ohlins Road & Track Coilover Suspension
  • GMG Thrust Arm Bushings  
  • Laser Alignment by GMG 


  • Dodson PDK Clutch Upgrade
  • Dodson PDK Brace
  • Cobb PDK Software w/ 2019 Update, Running “High Torque Aggressive Map”
  • Fresh OEM Trans. Fluid and Filter

Wheels & Tires

  • Advan GT Premium Centerlock Wheels in Titanium Blue w/ Machined Ring
    • Front: 20×9.5 +45
    • Rear: 20×12 +44
  • Toyo R888R Tires
    • Front: 265/35/20
    • Rear: 315/30/20


  • PCCB Brakes

Performance Data


186MPH @ NeverLift
Evolve Automotive SEMA 2019
Frsh.Media Feature



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