VIDEO: Yamaha R1 “The WORKS”

CSF's Yamaha R1 Radiator Load Testing

As CSF gets ready to release “The WORKS 2.0” We thought we would post the first dyno video of us testing our original “The WORKS” all-aluminum radiator for the Yamaha R1 motorcycle. As you can see through the independent testing on the radiator, this thing doesn’t overheat under even the most demanding load testing.. Even with no fans on the dyno pushing air through the radiator. (CSF #8021)

Yamaha R1 “The Works” Video

[jwplayer mediaid=”2294″]

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Stay tuned for information on “The WORKS 2.0” – The evolution of our cooling technology. Triple pass design and a “drop-in fit” that with the option to mount the stock fans.. The perfect solution for both street and track riders.. coming soon!

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