With the release of the A90, the Supra (old and new) have seen a massive surge in event presence over the past couple years. It comes as no surprise that the Supra Sunday events have been an smash hit here in Southern California. The Supra community has had a great relationship with CSF as we have done our best to fill the cooling needs of such a rapidly growing enthusiast group.

When @SupraSunday approached us about hosting the first event of 2022, we jumped at the chance and were blown away by the turn out. With over 200 cars turning out for this “Cars & Coffee”, it definitely felt like more a full on show. Now we can’t talk about the event without noting some highlights for us.

Supra Sunday Cars & Coffee at CSF


One of the stars of the show, the Studio RSR Supra is a dedicated track beast. Studio RSR was actually a major R&D Partner in our development of the B58 Super Manifold. Putting in many hours on the track with different prototypes. Their feedback really helped us refine the design to offer optimal performance. The car is now running our full 5-Piece Cooling Package. If you following racing you may have seen them at COTA for the Global Time Attack event.

Counterspace Garage‘s @a90mike brought out his track prepped Supra also featuring our full 5-Piece Cooling Package. Like so many others, Mike also participates in Global Time Attack and definitely knows the importance of proper cooling.

The next featured Supra is extra special because it belong to the organizer of Supra Sunday, Jerel Natividad. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to spent time with Jerel, you know he just an awesome person. Not only does he organize these events, he also is an avid track enthusiast who is in charge of the TRD Race Series, and proud father/family man. He proudly runs our full 5-Piece Cooling Package as well to keep his Supra’s temps in check on the track.

Last but not least of the Supras we wanted to spotlight is from Art of Attack. They’ve had a great run in Global Time Attack like the other 3 and are big supporters of CSF. Currently running our 4-Piece Cooling Package, it’s only a matter of time until they add on the 5th piece and crank up the heat a little more.


The excited was high right from the get go. Watching hundreds of Supras and a few other JDM icons roll-in really got the blood pumping. Following that up with some Coffee really set the tone for the rest of the event.

We know you came here for more pictures, so here’s a little spread of what the setup looked like during the event.

We do have to throw in the obligatory product plug, but we’ll think you’ll love it. Pictured below is the B58 Super Manifold (CSF# 8200) in a new custom finished called DLC Neo Chrome and it looks amazing. The demand for custom finishes has continued to climb over the years as builders and enthusiasts look for more ways to set their vehicles apart from others. The DLC type finishes offers yet another level of custom finishing that we can offer to our customers.

CSF 8200 Super Manifold in DLC Neo Chrome - Supra Sunday at CSF

What is a car event without a good raffle? CSF took this opportunity to raffle off some of our newer A90 Supra products and the winners couldn’t have been happier. One happy show goer walked away with our High-Performance Transmission Cooler (CSF #8183). The other took home our High-Performance Heat Exchanger (CSF #8154).

Overall, we thought it was a wonderful event. We were truly honored to be able to host it at our facility.

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