There’s something about car shows at the Queen Mary that make it unique. Whether it’s the Long Beach Harbor or the historical Queen Mary as the backdrop, every car show held here seems to draw many spectators and makes a perfect place for beautiful pictures. Wekfest 2017 is no exception! The weather couldn’t have been any better with the sun shining combined with a cool ocean breeze coming from off the harbor. What a way to kick-off the Memorial Day Weekend and WekFest LA 2017.

Wekfest 2017: Welcome to the show!

At the break of dawn, the Queen Mary parking lot is the staging area for hundreds of cars waiting anxiously to roll in to Wekfest 2017. If you haven’t been there that early to experience it or seen any of the infamous videos on YouTube, I highly recommend it. One of the distinctive things that make the roll in an entertaining thing to watch is the tunnel and the driveway from hell that most cars have to go through to get to their spots. This area has taken many casualties as many stanced cars go “off roading”. Luckily all of our booth cars made it in once piece.

Mike Lim from Prestige Marketing brought out his off-the-chain custom widebody BMW E92m3 – featuring full CSF 4-piece cooling kit for the E9x m3
The view from behind the ultra-low Sheepey Built Huracan as it enters the tunnel into the grass set-up area of the event.
One of my favorite shots of the day. The weather was beautiful and the Queen Mary makes an awesome backdrop.

It’s was great to see the diversity of builds from supercars to minivans. The VIP scene definitely represented this year. There were daily driven builds to full-on racecars, which in my opinion are the best show cars.

Our friends from Auto Fashion USA brought some heavy-hitter VIP rides. They are on a mission to “Make Our Industry Great Again!” There’s a great read on Freddie and his take on the VIP scene by @stickydiljoe! check out The Epilogues

The CSF booth undeniably exemplified a great assortment of vehicles to exhibit the range of products from Honda to Porsche radiators, along with intercooler cores that Sheepy Built is using to develop a twin-turbo kit for a Lamborghini Huracan.

The Sheepey Built Huracan made its 1st public debut at a car show with the CSF livery on it. A true crowd-pleaser for sure, right in the middle of the event.
Special thanks to @hasback_official and @sheepeybuilt for displaying their amazing cars cooled by CSF at our booth this year.
LTMW always brings out the heat to shows.

One of our favorite cars from the show was this incredible Acura DC2 Integra that was parked in the Mackin Industries wheels booth. It was owned by Ahmed, who also so happens to work for our dealer (goes by @Hamfam2 on IG). His gorgeous engine bay with top-of-the-line craftsmanship and titanium bits was finished off with CSF’s new Ultimate ½ radiator!

The high-end & advanced threaded design of the Ultimate ½ rad from CSF, really completed the look that Ahmed was searching for. (Part #2858X)

One last thing before signing off….The photo below was pretty much our view for the day. We were contemplating on how much people would buy this car for? I know it’s a random thought but let us know in the comments below what you’d pay for it!

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