WIN A CSF F8X M3/M4/M2 Comp. Charge Cooler!

#CSFBMWSummerTakeover May 2020 Sweepstakes

CSF is giving away one of its industry-leading and best-selling Charge-Air Coolers for the BMW S55 engine platform. The winner will be able to select any custom color or any finish. If you can imagine it, CSF will make it a reality.


Because of the buzz weโ€™ve seen so far this month, CSF has decided to include two more F8X products to the winning prize. The winner will now receive CSFโ€™s entire F8X Cooling Package โ€“ the custom Charge-Air Cooler, a High-Performance Heat Exchanger, and a DCT Transmission Cooler.

Contest Runs May 1st – May 28th, 2020

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