World’s Best Porsche 991 Turbo Intercoolers by CSF

World-Record Performance

CSF Cooling is proud to announce the official public release of its Porsche 991 Turbo & Turbo S high performance intercoolers for both 991.1 & 991.2 models. Since the intercoolers made their official world debut at the 2017 SEMA show, a unique sales decision was made to only release these intercoolers (for a period of 1 year) to a select group of the world’s most highly regarded Porsche motorsport ECU tuners and vehicle builders. Over the past year, CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers have been race-tested, logged, and fully validated by some of the world’s best Porsche tuners. These intercoolers have been regarded as the “Go-To” option for the best performance and value available in the performance aftermarket.

CSF’s #8112 Intercoolers installed on theTop Speed Motorsports 991.1 Turbo S which currently holds the ½ mile racing top speed world-record @ 201.97 mph trap speed.

CSF called on world-renown and long-time R&D partner GMG Racing to dyno test the new 991 Turbo CSF Intercoolers against the OEM intercoolers for continued development & initial release.


Validation of CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo Intercoolers started with a GMG Racing modified vehicle with typical bolt-on modifications and a stage-1 tune from GIAC. Extensive dyno testing was completed over a 4-day period with similar ambient air temperatures in a controlled dyno cell and were conducted at similar times in the day (Early morning and afternoon to control air density variability). These tests consisted of several real-world test simulations with data proving a massive increase in performance and heat rejection of the CSF Porsche 991 Turbo Intercoolers.

4th gear dyno pull at wide open throttle (WOT) resulted in:

  • Intake air temperatures (IAT’s) delta of the CSF intercoolers were ~20°F lower than the IAT of the OEM Porsche intercoolers
  • CSF IAT’s at end of 4th gear pull ~97°F (~36°C)
  • OEM IAT’s at end of 4th gear pull ~118°F (~48°C)

Evident by the performance graph above, the OEM Porsche intercoolers start to heat soak during high performance driving conditions. The ECU system will start to pull timing and lower the performance capabilities of the vehicle as a safety precaution once IAT’s start to increase. 

3-minute heat-soak test resulted in:

  • Data logs proving that the CSF Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers keep IAT’s consistently 25 – 40°F degrees less than the OEM Porsche intercoolers.
  • IAT’s of the CSF Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers start at ~98°F (~37°C). For the first ~30 seconds, IAT’s are actually reduced by ~10°F before increasing to no more than ~15°F before again reducing to a steady and consistent ~103°F (~39°C)for the remainder of the test (only 5°F delta from start). 
  • IAT’s of the OEM Porsche intercooler start at ~105°F (~40.5°C). Immediately IAT’s start to increase, and after only ~30 seconds, IAT’s have already increased by 20°F. IAT’s increase towards a 30°F delta when the technician decides to abort the OEM testing at only ~75 seconds into the test due to high IAT’s reaching levels of decreased vehicle performance.

*CSF is the only manufacturer in the 991 Porsche Turbo intercooler aftermarket to undergo and publish this type of data and testing results*

CSF performed this unique test to best simulate real-world circuit-racing driving conditions on a dynamometer, and to also better understand the limitations of the OEM intercooler system. It’s evident that the OEM tube/fin intercooler core quickly undergoes heat soak with no ability to recover, even on a testing day with relatively favorable ambient air conditions. The deficiencies of the OEM intercooler system would be further magnified during real-world conditions where there are periods of WOT (i.e straight-away sections of a race track) or during hotter ambient conditions. 

Dyno Testing analysis:

CSF’s wind-tunnel optimized 4.5 inch (115mm) width bar/plate core, is a significant improvement over the OEM designed 3.14 inch (80mm) tube/fin core. Furthermore, CSF’s exclusive thermal dispersion heat transfer coating is able to reject heat ~35% more efficiently than the raw/uncoated aluminum core of the OEM intercooler. The coating is applied in California, USA by an aerospace coating company who also supplies coatings for Boeing. This unique coating is a key feature to achieving world-record performance, exclusively available from CSF.

After installing the CSF Porsche 991 Turbointercoolers and quickly adjusting the stage 1 tune, a 35whp gain was achieved by GMG Racing. 

CSF part #8112
MSRP/MAP: $2995.00 USD


  • Fits both 991.1 & 991.2 Turbo/Turbos S vehicles. (2013-2019)
  • 3D Scanned, CAD Designed and 3D-printed prototype; Tested in collaboration with automotive engineering firm RK Autowerks. Providing the absolute best fitting Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers available in the aftermarket.
  • CFD tested (Computational Fluid Dynamics) cast end tanks with several post machining processes for the absolute best tolerance specifications and maximum airflow distribution throughout the core.
  • All OEM mounting points are retained with the OEM clip-in hardware design. Utilizing factory hardware, for an OEM-level installation. (CSF Exclusive)
  • OEM style “Quick-Connect” machined fittings for precise fitment, lock and seal.
  • Finished with an aerospace grade, nano-particle, heat dispersion coating that dissipates heat ~35% better than uncoated raw aluminum. (~ $500.00 value)
  • “Drop-in fitment”, no modifications or grinding to metal brackets, etc.
  • (Requires slight trimming to the plastic intercooler shrouds – instructions included and available for download at
  • Individually leak / pressure tested to 120 PSI
  • Individually inspected for quality control
  • Instruction manual included CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Specifically cut foam protective packaging to ensure damage free shipment 
  • Manufactured completely in house by CSF; a tier 1 OEM manufacturer with over 50 years of cooling system manufacturing experience. Over 500,000 units sold every year and over 40 million units sold globally.
  • Slip-on hose fitting adapters now available – special order only $99 USD MSRP


  • 8mm fin height louvered external fin with 6.5mm fin height staggered internal fin. Designed to maximize surface area contact and heat dissipation. 
  • Wind tunnel optimized and dyno tested for low pressure drop with best performance
  • CSF’s “Ultimate-Boost” High-performance bar / plate core. Built in house and pressure tested to 120 PSI
  • 4.53-inch thick core compared to OEM’s 3.15-inch core (115mm vs 80mm)
  • Increased flow area by 43.75% 
  • Increased surface area by 70% (8.5m^2 vs. 5.0m^2)
  • Built in-house by CSF (Only high-performance company to manufacture their own intercooler cores)


  • From first glance the increase in width from the OEM’s 80mm core to the CSF’s 115mm width is very apparent. Critical for vehicles running performance tunes with bolt-on modifications. Considered a mandatory upgrade for vehicles running upgraded turbo systems. The larger capacity CSF bar/plate core design can handle significantly more airflow + increased boost pressures compared to the OEM intercooler system. 
  • CSF’s 100% TIG welded cast end tanks, paired with its high-efficiency bar/plate intercooler core. Compared to the OEM style tub/fin core, which is crimped on to the plastic end tanks. The weaker OEM design can crack under high boost or vibrations typical to race conditions. 
  • The design of CSF’s end tanks allows for airflow to be distributed evenly throughout the entire intercooler compared to the OEM intercooler design which is much shallower. The OEM design makes it more difficult for airflow to reach the top/bottom tube sections at the ends of the intercooler. 
  • CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers are finished with an aero-space grade, Nano-particle, heat dispersion coating that dissipates heat ~35% better than uncoated raw aluminum. The OEM intercooler system has a raw finished core.


CSF takes pride in the R&D behind each new product that it releases. Striving to continuously develop industry leading performance cooling systems, CSF not only analyzes OEM samples, but often leading competitor’s products to see where performance gains can be achieved. In comparison to the By Design intercoolers shown in the pictures above. CSF’s proven design has the following advantages:

  • Larger volume end tanks. Allowing for airflow to be distributed evenly throughout the entire intercooler where as the competitor’s end tank design is shallower, similar to OEM.
  • CSF chose to invest in high-cost tooling for precision cast end tanks after undergoing CFD analysis to achieve more difficult shapes. This results in better airflow and fitment versus more expensive to produce CNC machined end tanks (often having limitations in both design and manufacturing phases)
  • CSF utilizes ALL factory mounting points to ensure the unit is properly secured. CSF’s engineers made sure OEM mounting pin connections were utilized and proper clearances were made. No grinding to the metal intercooler cage is necessary to install. (By Design and some other competitors require metal grinding for their intercoolers to be installed).
  • CSF is the only company to include a heat dispersion coating with its Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers. (~$500 value)
  • The best value in terms of performance, fitment, and weight available on the aftermarket. Competing intercooler systems range from $1,000-$3,000 USD more than CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers with less published data and verified results. Why pay more for less?


Development of CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers started with 3D scanning comparison overlays in CAD comparing the CSF design versus the OEM. Then moving on to scanning the entire mounting bracket intercooler cage system to ensure proper fitment and the best fitment in the industry. Proof of concept was then performed with a test fitment of a 3D plastic prototype at development partner RD Engineering. During test fitment of the 3D prototype, a design comparison between CSF and a leading competitors intercooler system was established.

Alongside the R&D involved with cooling systems, packaging is also important. Each set of CSF intercoolers come with specifically cut foam inserts to ensure full protection and damage free shipping around the world. 


EvoSpec’s 991.1 Porsche Turbo – Syvecs ECU w/ engine build by John Bray – COOLED by CSF

A world record contender for fastest Porsche 991 Turbo in the world, EvoSpec has built a monster with ~1300 hp at the crank! Arguably the best Porsche engine builder in the USA, John from Evospec uses and recommends CSF to all of his customers.

Dyno results show 1,136whp / 907 wtq using CSF intercoolers.

Top left graph shows USA Syvecs ECU Tuner, Wayne Potts, maxing out limitations of the 1300 hp Porsche turbo system. Starting with 12-lbs of boost at 98°F IAT. At ~30-ibs, IAT’s had only risen by 5°F. The Turbos started to max out at ~31-lbs of boost at 118°F(Delta of only 20°F in a 10 second run to simulate a world-record ¼ mile pass)

Evolution Motorsports – Arizona

Below is a chart based on data taken from our 991.2 Turbo S EVT770 development car as it runs through a simulated quarter mile drag strip pass. Both of these tests were done in beautiful 75°F (23.8°C) Arizona weather.  Quarter mile and half mile racing places a unique challenge on intercooling; with launch control the car can make full boost a few feet after launch, driving heat into the intercoolers while there is no cooling air flowing through them due to the low vehicle speeds for the first few seconds of running—a difficult way to begin a 10-15 second run at maximum performance.

As you can see in this chart, the stock intercoolers maintained intake temperatures near ambient at 29-30°C for three seconds before rapidly increasing. Intake temperature peaked at 57°C, or well beyond the 50°C threshold where the EVOMSit software begins to cut boost to protect the engine. The last 1.5sec of this run was done on reduced boost, hurting overall performance. Trap speed during this run was 134.6mph.

With the CSF Race intercoolers, intake air temperatures rose significantly less to a maximum of 38°C right at the end of the 10sec pass. The car never reached the threshold to cut boost or timing, and ran much faster the entire run due to the cooler, denser air charge. Trap speed on this run was 137.4mph, just shy of 3mph and 0.25sec faster over the quarter mile than with stock intercoolers! On a half mile race, the improvement with the intercoolers would be far greater at around 7-8mph on a typical Stage 2 car, and is one of the single greatest keys to achieving the extraordinary performance a modified 991 Turbo is capable of!

CSF’s very own 991.1 Turbo – making 986whp – built by Evolution Motorsports

Atomic Autoparts – Germany – 991.1 Turbo Race Car – COOLED by CSF

Atomic Autoparts is a distributor of CSF products in Russia, middle east, and now has expanded into Europe with a distribution facility, retail outlet, and R&D center located right on the famous Nüburgring race track in Germany. Like CSF, they’re passionate about racing, and have built a top-level all-purpose 991.1 Turbo race car as a company demo vehicle. Atomic entrusted CSF for all of it’s performance cooling needs, utilizing a 3-piece high performance radiator upgrade in the front and cooled by CSF’s 991 Porsche turbo intercoolers in the rear.

The Atomic Autoparts 991.1 Turbo lapping the famous Nüburgring raceway in Germany.

Veteran pro Syvecs & Cobb ECU tuner, Oleg from Atomic, sent word back to CSF on the performance data of the intercoolers: Summary conversion: From 62mph to 124mph at full boost, IAT’s increased from 77°F to 82°F. A delta of only 5°F. Oleg was very happy with the results.

Atomic’s 991 Turbo is consistently competing at VMAX ½ mile, full 1 mile, and the famous 1.3 mile VMAX 300 race in Europe. Atomic consistently places first or second in these events. Below you can see owner and professional driver, Dmitry, keeping up with a GT2RS on the Nüburgring. The top of the line limited Porsche comes standard with a water injection intercooler system to keep IAT’s stable and larger front radiators to manage engine water temperatures. Atomic’s 991 Turbo equipped with CSF cooling products has no problem keeping up and staying cool.


Part Number
CSF# 8112

MSRP / MAP – $2,995.00

OEM Part Number
991-110-640-73 (Right side)
991-110-639-73 (Left side)

Application Fitment:
2013 – 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo (S)
2016 – 2019 Porsche 911 Turbo (S/Exclusive)

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CSF’s 991 Turbo S Feature Video

CSF 991 Turbo Intercoolers Used by 9FF Engineering

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