Recently, it seems it’s hard to find true enthusiasts in the car scene –  someone that not only enjoys experiencing building a car and what’s left of the Southern California scene, but someone that truly can call it their passion and want to share that passion with others… Steve Samuel (@soofy619) is an exception to this.

He founded an organization that’s local to us, branded EuroKlasse, back in 2015. He explains, “EuroKlasse was created to bring like-minded people together and support the automotive community, both commercial and aftermarket.” The events draw in countless European builds – show cars, race cars, and everything in-between. Much like many of us, Steve’s a BMW fanatic through and through – with his notable E46 “Soofy” and infamous molded wide-body F80 M3 “Savanah” builds (also Cooled by CSF) under his belt. However, the E89 Z4 was always on “the list.”

Steve’s F80 M3, Cooled by CSF’s 3-Piece Cooling Package

Not only have we been part of his phenomenal builds in the past, our relationship with Steve goes above and beyond and to us… he’s family. The mutual support and his passion for building cars is greatly appreciated – from EuroKlasse events and his time at PureTurbos, to working with us side by side promoting and selling CSF products at shows and race events.

The Dream Build

It all started in 2018 with the goal of not only making it to SEMA, but building a SEMA Show-worthy car that could also hit the track. Soon after he finished up his F80 build, Steve found a gem of an E89 with super low miles – it was the perfect canvas for the plans he had always had in store.

When we heard the first thing to tackle was the GT3 body kit, we knew, from day one, this was going to be good. The car was sent to 2M Autowerks, where majority of the work was done, including all of the custom fabrication required to implant the German-sourced body… which was no small feat.

Soon after, the base Z4 3.5is, nicknamed “Soltana,” would be the world’s first street car transformed into a full-on, FIA-Spec Z4 GT3 racecar. Weighing in under 3500 pounds, it rocks a fully-built N54 under the hood with a Stage 2 kit from Pure Turbos, a number of bolt-ons, a custom E85 tune, and more. A BMW M DCT delivers its 700whp to its 335 wide rear tires, while CSF cooling products ensure its fluid temps are kept in check.

It’s cooled by CSF’s top selling E-Chassis N55/N54 drop-in fit all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7046), perfect for high horsepower builds like Soltana. With Steve’s experience and knowledge of BMW’s and CSF products, he added some unique custom touches of his own by using an E9X M3 DCT dual-pass transmission cooler (CSF #8042) to keep transmission oil temps cool, along with a universal heavy-duty bar and plate dual-pass oil cooler (CSF #8110) for his engine oil. To top it off, Studio RSR custom built an intercooler, utilizing one of CSF’s heavy-duty bar and plate intercooler cores (CSF #8046). Both the oil cooler and intercooler are perfectly stacked to maximize the airflow of the GT3 front end.

Steve and the team at 2M left no stone unturned, and no detail untouched – getting the racecar’s exterior, interior, and engine fit for show… all the way down to a custom gauge cluster, and carbon and alcantara bits.

The final product at the 2018 SEMA Show




  • LiteSpeed Racing Forged Wheels
    • Front: 18” x 10.5”
    • Rear: 18” x 13”
  • Toyo R888R Tires
    • Front: 275/35
    • Rear: 335/30
  • KW V3 on Custom Airbags from Universal Air Suspension, Management by Accuair
  • BMW F8X M3/M4 Big Brake Kit


  • Full GT3 Body Kit
  • ONEighty Custom Headlights
  • Custom APR GT250 Chassis Mounted Wing
  • Dinmann Carbon Steering Wheel
  • Alcantara & Carbon Accents
  • Custom M3 Cluster by Clusters and Coding
  • Custom 4-Point Studio RSR Roll Bar

Soltana V2

Fast forward to present day, and Steve has been enjoying every facet of the car – on the track, on the strip, at shows, and even on the Southern California roads and highways. While the car remains relatively the same performance-wise, a fresh look came at the beginning of 2020. The new rainbow-colored wrap draws in much some deserved attention – we can’t wait for everything to return to normal so we can check it out at all the local events. If you happen to see this car in the street races of Mexico, be warned when you pull up, you might end up as another victim of “Soltana”…

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