FOR BMW F8X M3, M4, & M2 Competition

bmw s55 engine 3 piece, DROP-in fit package
Proven at the 25 hours of thunderhill.

The BMW F80 M3, F82/F83 M4 & F87 M2 Comp are still regarded as some of the best performance platforms available. BMW’s S55 Motor has amazing potential for power and there are countless performance parts available for it. However, like most production engines, the S55 doesn’t come equipped from the factory with sufficient cooling capabilities to cope with added power or even prolonged performance driving. We have designed a full line of S55 cooling options to help you get the most out of your BMW F8X. Our Charge-Air-Cooler, Heat Exchanger, and Transmission Cooler will keep you ahead of the competition.

BMW F8X Top Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air-Cooler

The S55 suffers heavily from heat soak. Many tuners witnessed this early on after doing multiple dyno pulls and seeing significant drops in power after each consecutive pass. Many F8X owners experienced the same loss of power on the track as the engine just could not cool off during laps. The solution is two fold: The Charge-Air-Cooler & Front Mount Heat Exchanger work together to keep the intake temps down and power up. The factory units simply cannot dissipate enough heat to keep up with prolonged performance driving. Our Charge-Air-Cooler boasts a core size that is 60% larger, greatly increasing the capacity for heat transfer from the hot charge air coming from the turbos. Paired with the Front Mount Heat Exchanger the system is able to maintain lower intake temps and keep your BMW F8X’s power up.

CSF #8082 / CSF #8082R – MSRP/map $1995 USD

  • World’s 1st Cast Endtank Designed Top Mount Charge-Air-Cooler for the BMW S55 Engine in the BMW F80 M3, F82/F83 M4, and F87 M2 Competition
  • Multiple Air Dividers Cast Into Both Hot/Cold Side Endtanks for Optimized Air Flow Through the Custom Designed CSF Liquid-to-Air Intercooler Core (CFD Analysis and Testing Completed to Ensure Optimal Performance)
  • **60% Increase in Core Size Compared to the OEM Cooler
  • Left/Right, Cross-Flow, Dual-Pass Core Configuration with 2-Stage Water Cooling for Maximum Efficiency and Intake Temperature Reduction (vs. OEM Single-Pass Vertical-Flow Design)
  • Designed with 3D Scanning/Rapid Prototype Technology to Ensure Precise Fitment and Maximum Surface Area Utilization
  • “Drop-in Fit” Design for an Easy & Quick Plug-and-Play Installation, Complete with OEM-Style “Quick-Connect” Water Connections and Sensor Ports
  • Finished with a Professional “Crinkle Black” Powder-Coated Finish (CSF #8082), Also Available in Raw Aluminum with Option for Custom Powder-Coating Available (CSF #8082R)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • OEM #: 17517846235
  • Designed, Developed and Tested in Conjunction with R&D Partners:

Custom Finishes

CSF Professional Powder Coating Services by Motorsports Paint Experts (Starting at +$200.00):

F80 M3 Upgrades with Custom CSF Charge Cooler and Radiator
Yost Autosport’s Installation of CSF’s F8X Charge Cooler
Kies Motorsports’ Installation of CSF’s F8X Charge Cooler
Custom Hydro-Dipped Carbon Fiber Cooler Install on F87 M2
Installation of Evolve’s Stage 2 Package with CSF’s F8X Charge Cooler
CSF 3-Piece Cooling Package on Corsa Motorsport’s M4
Product Spotlight: Custom Specter Grey and Speed Yellow Charge Cooler

BMW F8X Front Mount Heat Exchanger

As we discussing with the Charge-Air-Cooler, the S55 power BMW F8X suffers heavily from heat soak. While the ideal solution is pairing the Front Mount Heat Exchanger with the Charge-Air-Cooler, you can still see signification improvements with just the Heat Exchanger. The ability for the system to remove as much heat as possible is the bigger of the two weak points in the system. So if you are planning to upgrade your S55 cooling system and can only start with one, the Heat Exchanger is the right choice to start with.

CSF #8075/8075V – MSRP/map $699 USD

  • 2-row 42mm Core (Dual Core) Featuring CSF’s Exclusive B-tube Technology
  • Core Features an Ultra-Efficient Fin with 6.5mm Fin Height and Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • Dual-Pass Flow Structure Allows the Coolant to Flow Across the Core of the Radiator Two Times Before Exiting the Radiator for the Lowest Outlet Temperature Possible (OEM Style Design)
  • CNC Machined, OEM-Style “Quick-Connect” Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • CNC Machined, OEM-Style Mounting Brackets & Fittings for Superb Fit and Durability
  • Includes Removable Aluminum Rock Guard
  • All-Aluminum Race Style Drain Plug
  • 1-Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish
  • “Drop-in Fit” Requiring No Modifications to Install – Accepts All Attaching OEM Components Including “Quick-Connect” Hoses, Mounting Brackets, OEM X-Brace and All Air Ducting/Shrouding.
  • CSF #8075 – 45 Row Design – No Modifications Necessary (Black Version: CSF #8075V – NEW for 2020)
  • OEM #: 17112284608
  • Lifetime Warranty
Kies Motorsports’ Installation of S55 Heat Exchanger –
F80 M3
Kies Motorsports’ Installation of S55 Heat Exchanger –

Dual-Pass Race-Spec DCT Transmission Cooler

CSF #8081 – MSRP/map $599 USD

  • Made with CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 26mm Multi-Channel Microtube
  • Dual-Pass High Performance Core with 10 Cooling Tubes vs. OEM Single-Pass with Return Pipe 6-Tube Design
  • High-Density Multi-Louvered Fin Design
  • “Drop-in Fit” Requiring No Modifications to Install – Accepts All Attaching OEM Components Including Oil-Line Connections, Mounting Brackets and Shroud/Ducting
  • Lab Tested at ~30% More Efficient Than the OEM Cooler
  • World’s 1st and Only True “Plug-and-Play” Upgraded DCT Transmission Cooler for the BMW S55 Engine in the BMW F80 M3, F82/F83 M4, and F87 M2 Competition
  • OEM #: 17112284503
Kies Motorsports’ Installation of CSF’s F8X DCT Cooler
Extreme Power House’s Installation of CSF’s F8X Cooling Package
Kies Motorsports’ CSF Overview & S55 Swapped E30 M3
A Quick Look at CSF’s F8X Products
TPS Performance’s M2 Nordschliefe Lap – Cooled by CSF
CSF’s  Ultimate Cooling Package for BMW S55 – Installation Overview

F8X M3/M4/M2C & F97 X3M / F98 X4M Engine Oil Cooler

CSF #8220 – MSRP $589 USD / MAP $549 USD

  • 5.4mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fin vs. OEM 7mm
  • Made with CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 16mm 9-Channel Microtube for Optimal Oil Flow and Maximum Surface Area Contact 
  • Utilizes OEM Top/Bottom Rubber Seals for Optimal Airflow
  • OEM Style Inlet/Outlet Connections 
  • Drop-in Fit Requires No Modifications to Install 
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Ideal for Road Racing, Drag Racing, and Vehicles With Increased Performance and/or Transmission Tuning
  • Applications:
    • 2015-2018 BMW F80 M3 (incl. CS & Competition)
    • 2015-2020 BMW F82/F83 M4 (incl. CS & Competition)
    • 2019-2021 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    • 2020+ BMW F97 X3M (incl. Competition)
    • 2020+ BMW F98 X4M (incl. Competition)
  • OEM Part Number:
    • BMW: 17 21 2 284 540

Read the build series from Yost Autosport on about CSF’s new 3-piece cooling system installed in their new BMW F82 M4 endurance race car

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