Porsche Performance Cooling Systems



  • 2-Row 42mm Core Featuring CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology (+20% Efficiency)
  • 6.5mm Fin Height w/ Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • Individually Leak and Pressure Tested
  • All-Aluminum Design with 100% TIG-Welded End Tanks
  • CNC Machined Brackets and Fittings for Superb Fit and Durability
  • OEM-Style Machined Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Smooth Satin Finish
  • Plug-and-Play “Drop-in” Fit with No Modifications Required for Installation
  • Accepts OEM AC Condenser and Fan Shroud
  • High-Performance Upgrade Suitable for Professional Racing, Street Performance, or OEM Replacement
  • Track Tested at 110°F/ 43°C – Proven with First Place Finished in the Pirelli GT3 Cup, POC, PCA, and at the Nurburgring


(Including 996 Turbo and GT Models)

Michael Essa CSF #7044 Radiator Overview
Demon Speed CSF #7044 Radiator Overview
Porsche 996 911 Radiator Replacement & Upgrade DIY (Carrera 3.4L & 3.6L)
How To Replace & Upgrade Porsche 996 Radiators (Carrera 3.4L & 3.6L)

Porsche’s first foray into completely water-cooled engines for their 911 went strictly O.K. Their experience with their water-cooled front-engined models allowed them to work out most of the cooling system kinks before the 996 and 986 hit showroom floors, though their engines suffered in other areas. However, these engine issues have been worked out, and 996s are finding themselves as track rats that could use an upgrade in the cooling department. 


(Including 997 Turbo and GT Models)

How to COOL a Cayman: Upgrading to a GT3 setup with SPEEDHUNTERS

The Porsche Cayman is as close as it gets to a perfect mid-engine sports car. Relatively speaking the “budget Porsche sports car” is the best bang for you buck when looking to live the “P-car” life but not break the bank. If you’re looking to turn a road-legal Porsche into a full-blown race car or simply have some fun on the street, possibly with some occasional track duty, you can do no wrong with picking up and modifying a Porsche Cayman or Boxster.

First-Ever Liberty Walk Porsche

Liberty Walk has no qualms about cutting up new, six-figure exotic sports cars to restyle their bodies. Their latest creative remake is their first-ever Liberty Walk Porsche, the product of a collaboration among BBI Autosport, CSF Cooling, and Liberty Walk for the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to prove that Liberty Walk cars can impress with performance as well as appearance. The Porsche 997 was perfect for the collaboration. BBI builds and tunes some of the fastest, and the 997 is the latest high-end European sports car to get the LW treatment. Add CSF racing for cooling support for a splendid construction.

a Step-by-Step Guide of a GT3 Radiator Conversion on a 987 Cayman

The 987 Porsche is known to have heating problems when driven on the track hard, especially ones that have the PDK transmission. PDK equipped cars can go into limp mode during a track session longer than 15 minutes on a hot day. Since we don’t want to be compromising the aerodynamics of our Verus Engineering aero system by cutting holes in the front of the car for extra heat exchangers for the PDK fluid and engine oil, we will be using oil to water coolers for the PDK and engine oil. This means that we will have to increase our cooling systems ability to absorb more heat from the engine and transmission. We are turning to CSF Radiators for a set of there big racing radiators for the nose of our 987.

CSF’s 997 GT3 Full Cooling Package Offers Irreplaceable Peace of Mind

My reframed approach toward the “Porsche Moment” had two tangential benefits: patience and resolve. Together, that concoction reinforced an unwavering approach toward creating my ultimate GT3. This slow burn allowed me to be deliberate in my selections — like the Recaro Classic Pole Positions, 18″ Advan GT Premium wheels, Öhlins TTX coilovers, and Akrapovič Evolution titanium exhaust — but also the privilege to enjoy every improvement along the way. Today, that calculated approach brought me to CSF and our usual Montgomeryville, PA stomping grounds, R/T Tuning.

Porsche 911 997 Radiator Replacement & Upgrade DIY (2005-2012 Porsche Carrera, S, 4S, Targa, GTS)


(Including Turbo and GT Models)

CSF by PWR ’18-19 991 GT2 RS
Twin Intercooler Set

CSF #8166

CSF ’13-19 991 Turbo S
Twin Intercooler Set

CSF #8112

‍991/981/718 RADIATORS

GT3R Style Radiator Conversion & Carbon Fiber Hood

Front Left / Right / Center Radiators

(Including 991 Turbo and GT Models)


Walkaround of CSF’s 991 Turbo S
Frsh.Media Feature
Atomic’s Porsche 991 Turbo at the Nurburgring
Inside CSF Cooling’s 1,000 Horsepower Porsche 991 Turbo S!



While former builds have focused on what CSF has done, the new project needed to showcase what CSF can do, a pivotal difference in overall mindset. The concept of a show car or daily driver seemed lackluster in contrast to his overall goals, thus Ravi turned his eyes to the 991 Porsche Turbo platform. By 2018, 991.1 models were a few years old, coming off of leases and landing in the hands of second-owners, which were ripe for Ravi’s picking. With a number of builds out there having broken the 1,000 horsepower mark, Ravi knew the platform had the capabilities he was after. The hunt for the right example commenced.
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Porsche 992 turbo/turbo s high-performance intercooler

Porsche 992 Carrera (3.0L Turbo) High-Performance Intercooler

911/930 turbo right fender oil cooler

Buy From a Featured Authorized Dealer

front center OIL COOLERS

IROC-style front center oil coolers
Overall: 24″L x 5.75″H x 2.25″W
Core: 21.5″L x 5.75″H x 2.25″W

CSF #8110
Dual Pass (for RS Style) – MSRP/MAP $599 USD

CSF #8111
Single Pass (for RSR Style) – MSRP/MAP $599 USD

  • Slight 15-Degree Angle for Connections (M22x1.5 Female) w/ Tapered Cast End Tanks
’73 rsr-style front center oil coolers
Overall: 22”L x 4.75”H x 2.16”W
CORE: 18.9″ L x 4.72″ H x 2.25″ W

CSF #8201
Dual Pass – MSRP/MAP $549 USD

CSF #8202
Single Pass – MSRP/MAP $549 USD

  • High-Efficiency and Durable Bar/Plate Design
  • Triangular Flush Mounting Hole on Top & Bottom (M8x1.25)
  • CSF’s “Aero-Flow” Bar Design for Lightweight, Strength, and Maximum Airflow Through Core
  • Satin Black Finish for Extreme Protection Against Corrosion and Debris



17″ x 8″ x 4.5″
28″ x 12″ x 3.5″
26″ x 7″ x 3″


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