Quality Radiators


Each CSF high quality radiator is completed with an industry leading 1 hour, hand polished “Show-Stopper™ mirror finish.” Our hand polishing tools and techniques in our new polishing center located at the end of the production line ensures that every CSF cooling system looks just as good as it performs.


Every CSF quality radiator goes through a testing process in our state-of-the-art testing lab. Our procedures and requirements set the bar for cooling system reliability and performance:


  • Individually leak tested
  • Vibration cycle tested
  • Thermal cycle tested
  • Wind tunnel tested for optimal radiator core cooling efficiency
  • Burst pressure and impulse cycle tested 10,000 times for strength
  • Salt spray tested for corrosion protection
  • 10 foot box “drop test” to ensure packaging protection (link to packaging page)
  • 30 point fitment inspection on critical dimensions to ensure OE fitment with no modifications necessary


CSF spares no attention to detail, ensuring that every radiator is individually wrapped and packaged with extra protection to ensure safe delivery anywhere in the world through any shipping carrier or transportation service.

  • Application specific foam packaging
  • Core protected by application specific hard plastic sheet
  • Plastic wrapped
  • Industry leading, shock resistant 5-ply box
  • 10 foot box “drop test” to ensure
  • packaging protection