World-Class cooling systems customized for your brand

High Performance • Motorsports • Agricultural • industrial • Small Run OEM • Technology Cooling
  • Radiators (Copper / Brass, all-aluminum, plastic / aluminum)
  • Intercoolers (bar/plate, tube/fin, specialty super high performance tubes, cast end tanks, billet end tanks)
  • Oil coolers (bar/plate, tube/fin with option for inner turbulators, hard line bending)
  • Auxiliary heat exchangers
  • Pressure caps
  • + More 

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CSF has become the #1 choice for medium to long run custom cooling manufacturing. A tier-1 ISO-certified cooling system supplier with the ability to manufacture private label and co-branded cooling systems. Custom sizing/configurations, materials, finishes, and branding options are available.

CSF takes its custom cooling program one step further than any company in N. America will the ability to stock your custom cooling products in one of our coastal warehouses (California or Virginia) and release over the period on a blanket purchase order.

Trusted by over 50 companies in high performance and motorsports including

Over the past 65+ years, CSF’s five manufacturing facilities have produced countless custom cooling systems including:

  • Custom Race Car and Motorcycle All-Aluminum Units
  • All Metal Copper/Brass Steel Cased Military Tank & Train Applications
  • Power Generator Radiators and Cooling Kits (Including Oil Cooler, Hydraulic Cooler, Fans, and Shroud)
  • Boat and Marine Heat Exchangers
  • Intercoolers (All-Aluminum With Cast Endtanks or Plastic-Aluminum with Either Bar/Plate or Tube/Fin Cores)
  • Commercial and Heavy-Duty Truck Radiators
  • Power Steering and Transmission Coolers with Custom Bent Hard Lines
  • Radiator Pressure Caps and Filler Necks
  • AC Condensers

finishes & branding options


Minimum order quantity (M0q)
  • Radiators – 30-50 Units p/ Order (Depends on Design and Application). Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Radiator Cores – 30 Units
  • Intercoolers – 50 Units p/ Prder. Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Oil Coolers, Power Steering, and Transmission Coolers – 50 Units p/ order. Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Intercooler Cores – 30 Units

* Our requirements are flexible if we see opportunity within a partnership, however CSF does not do custom one-off projects.


Please allow for lead times that typically range from 60 – 150 days. Our lead times vary and depend on many factors including; seasonality, material availability, quantity ordered, and freight availability/speed. Some custom orders can be expedited depending on quantity and shipping options.

20+ sizes in stock & custom sizing available (moq 30 units)