720AWHP / 534AWTQ on Mustang AWD Dyno
Builders: MotoIQ Garage, Rywire, Afterhours Composite Works, LTMW, Sheepey Race, 5150 Racing, ISC Tuning, CSF Cooling


  • 4P Racing Head – Evo X CNC Ported Head on New CoreKelford Cams
    • Kelfod Springs & Retainers
    • BERYLLIUM Seats
    • Supertech Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • Manley Block
  • Gaskets/Studs/Bearings
    • COSWORTH Head Gasket
    • ARP Head Studs
    • ARP Main Studs
    • King Bearings Main Crank
    • King Bearings Connecting Rods
    • WPC Treated Block, Pistons, Crank, Cams, Rods
Electronics/Engine Management
  • Sheptrans – Performance Transfer Case Service
  • Tilton Twin Disc Clutch
  • Tilton Flywheel
  • CAE Performance Billet Short Shifter
  • Factory Driveshaft and Axles
  • Factory Transmission


  • Stoptech Trophy Kit
    • 4-Pot
    • Aero Rotors
    • 660 Race Brake Fluids
  • Tilton Brake Proportioning Valve
  • Rywire Brake Lines
  • KW Custom-Spec Competition Coilovers with External Reservoirs
  • Whiteline High Performance Tie Rod Ends
  • AK Motorsports
    • Front Tubular Subframe
    • Rear Tubular Subframe
    • Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms
    • Front Outrigger Arms
    • Front ARB Links
    • Anti-Roll Front Arm Brackets
    • Rear Triangle Wishbones
    • Rear Short Wishbone
    • Rear Long Wishbone
    • Rear Bent Wishbone
    • Rear ARB Links
    • Custom Fab Camber/Caster Plates


  • ASC Speedmetal Custom Interior Paneling
    • Powder-Coated in Crinkle Black by Embee Performance
  • ASC Door Panels
    • Black Alcantara with Red Stitching Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Upholstery
  • Tilton Adjustable Race Pedalbox
  • Sparco Circuit II Driver’s Seat
    • Black Alcantara with Red Stitching Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Upholstery
  • Sparco Rev II Passenger Seat
    • Black Alcantara with Red Stitching Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Upholstery
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
    • Black Alcantara with Red Stitching Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Upholstery
  • Sparco Window Net
  • Sparco Race Harnesses
  • LTMW Alpine White Interior Paint
  • GMG FIA Spec Roll Cage
  • Afterhours Composite Works
    • 3-Way Adjustable Steering Column
    • Modified Dash Pod
    • Dead Pedal
    • Adjustable Brake Bias Knob Underneath Electronic Control
    • Fire Suppression System
      • Nozzles on Fuel Tanks, Driver Area, and Engine Bay
    • “Cool Suit” System with Fan
    • Mounted Fire Extinguisher Behind Driver
    • Fuel Filler Neck With Mount in Truck for Quick-Fill


  • Ferrari Red Paint by LTMW
  • Custom Molded Streetfighter LA Widebody Kit by LTMW
  • Chargespeed Front Bumper Modified by Afterhours Composite Works (Ducting and Molding)
  • Verus Carbon Fiber Wing and End Plates
    • Chassis Mounted by Afterhours Composite Works
    • CAD Designed and CNC Machined Uprights by Afterhours Composite Works
  • Lexan Windows
  • Varis LED Taillights
  • Jun x Craftsquare Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • Afterhours Composite Works Custom Carbon Fiber Race Aero
    • Designed by Mike Kojima of MotoIQ Garage
  • Custom Livery Design by CSF
    • Installed by Rhino Films & Detailing


  • Downstar Dress-Up Hardware in Engine Compartment
  • Downstar Dress-Up Hardware on Aero Components
  • Chasing J’s Titanium Lugnuts
  • Chasing J’s Titanium Hardware on Hood-Exit Exhaust Plate
  • Chasing J’s Titanium Interior Styling
  • Chasing J’s Titanium Custom CSF Coil Plate


  • Rotiform LAS-R 3-Piece Forged Wheels (Matte Black Face with Gloss Black Barrel)
    • Front: 18″x11″+5
    • Rear: 18″x11″-25
  • 2020/2021 Race Season: Rotiform WGR 3-Piece Concave Forged Wheels (White Face with Polished Barrel and Lip, Rotiform Logo Painted Red by Rhino Films & Detailing)
    • Front: 18″x11″+5
    • Rear: 18″x11″-25
  • 2020/2021 Race Season: Toyo Proxes
    • RS1275/35R18
  • Toyo R888
    • 265/35R18
  • Only For Global Time Attack/Spec Rules: Yokohama A005
    • 280/650R18


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