Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, Texas 2K (TX2K) is one of the biggest drag racing events in the country. Taking place every year at Houston Raceway, the event draws tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of participating drivers, cars, and teams. If you’re into fast cars, this is the place to be every spring.

Cooled by CSF at Tx2K

While there are scores of vehicles running CSF cooling products at TX2K, we wanted to focus on a couple that really stood out to us. Both these cars have been a big part of CSF’s R&D efforts for the BMW B58 Motor and really represent our involvement and commitment to motorsports.

Titan Motorsports A90 Supra

Titan Motorsports has been a powerhouse in the drag racing world for years. Famous for some of their MK4 (A80) Supra builds, it only made sense for them to get into the A90 game. Over the past couple years they’ve build some of the highest horsepower and fastest B58 powered cars in the US. Their very own A90 Supra has been quite the project and they’ve been pushing hard to make it into the elusive 7 second club with it.

During the first round of elimination, Titan Motorsports hit a new PB of 8.18 @166mph with boost only! Putting the team top 4 on the fastest A90 Supra list. They made it all the way to the finals where they lost but consider it an overall win performing better than last year and setting a new best time for the car. We’re confident they’ll break into the 7 second club soon.

Team Nohesi M340i

When you think of a drag car you don’t generally picture a 4-Door sedan. That didn’t stop @mrnohesi from turning his 2020 BMW M340i into a 1000+ HP rocket. Sporting CSF’s prototype B58 “Race-X” Manifold that’s is 25% larger than our B58 “Super” Manifold (CSF #8200). So we were eager to see how the car performed.

Nohesi did not disappoint. This the first B58 Sedan to break into the 8-Second club with a new PB of 8.813 @162.92mph. Considering the car has a full interior, working A/C, and weighs in at 3995 lbs, this is more than impressive. They made it all the way to the semi-finals where they were knocked out by the overall champion in the A90 Class.

This is the fastest 4-Door BMW B58 Sedan in world. The team at CSF are more than proud to have them be part of Team CSF.

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