Like other components of cooling systems, upgrades to oil cooling systems are often overlooked. Overheated oil struggles to lubricate the engine properly – harming internals over time. On any car making significantly more power than factory, or any car tracked or driven hard; upgraded oil coolers are essential for maintaining optimal temperatures – in turn, lengthening oil and engine life.

Track tested by @Hittmanracing‘s M235i Endurance Race Car.

Considering their expertise and success from other BMW cooling systems, CSF created yet another upgraded oil cooling system – this time for BMW’s N55 engine. N55 powered BMWs have become popular among track and performance enthusiasts. With optimum oil temperatures maintained, drivers can dominate the track without the dreaded “cool down” or “limp mode” breaks.

Utilizing CSF’s AC Condenser technology, their innovative dual-core in-series system features an additional 5 rows of super-high pressure multi-channel micro-tubes on the rear side of the oil cooler. The high performance tube spec, along with the high-efficiency multi-louvered fin design allows for maximum surface area contact and ~40% increase in heat rejection. The High-Performance Race-Spec Oil Cooler directly replaces the factory unit, easily bringing engine oil temperatures down to a consistent and manageable level, even under extreme & extensive driving conditions.

High-Performance Race-Spec N55 Oil Cooler (CSF# 8145) Features:

  • Innovative 2-Core In-Series System
  • Front Core Features 14 Rows, Secondary In-Series Backside Cooler Has an Additional 5 Rows of Cooling for ~40% Increase in Heat Rejection
  • Converted to a Single-Pass Design with High-Pressure Return Line for Optimal Flow
  • Made With CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super High-Pressure 26mm Multi-Channel Microtube
  • High Density, Multi-Louvered Fin Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • “Drop-in Fit” Requires No Modifications to Install
  • Accepts All Attaching OEM Components Including Oil Line Connections, Mounting Brackets, and Shroud/Ducting
  • World’s First and Only True “Plug-and-Play” Upgraded Engine Oil Cooler for the BMW N55 Engine
  • Track Tested and Proven by Hittman Racing’s M235i Endurance Race Car
  • Requires an Additional 1/2 Quart for Proper Fill-Up During Installation (OEM Cooler 7 Qts./CSF’s Upgraded Race-Spec Oil Cooler ~7.5 Qts.) 

Part Number: CSF #8145
OEM: #17217618360
Pricing: MSRP $529 USD


  • 2011-2016 BMW F20 135i(x) (N55)
  • 2011-2016 BMW F21 M135i(x) (N55)
  • 2012-2016 BMW F22/F23 M235i(x) (N55)
  • 2014-2016 BMW M235i Racing MS BMW Sport (N55) 
  • 2011-2015 BMW F30/F31 335i(x) & Hybrid 3 (N55)
  • 2012-2016 BMW F34GT 335i(x) (N55)
  • 2012-2016 BMW F32/F33/F36 435i(x) (N55)

The CSF High-Performance Race-Spec Oil Cooler for the BMW N55 is now available.

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    Will this fit a Canadian/US E82 2012 135i with N55 and DCT? I believe we have the same OEM cooler on the passenger side.

    Will this fit a Canadian/American 2012 135i (E82)?

    Fit list shows only F series cars, however, my vehicle has a similar oil cooler on the passenger side already.

    HI there,

    I have a 2011 E90 335i with the N55. I’m assuming this (CSF’s Track Ready Race-Spec Oil Cooler for BMW’s N55) won’t work for my car unfortunately. Is that true… ? (please correct me if I’m wrong)

    ~ Kevin

    Hello Kouji,
    We don’t have a reliable way to check the OEM part numbers for a Japanese spec BMW. However, if you can contact a dealership with your VIN see if your Oil Cooler matches either of these OEM Part Numbers: [17 21 7 618 360] or [17 21 7 628 056]. If your OEM cooler matches one of those two parts this will definitely fit your M135i. It should fit but this would be the safest way to check.

    Mark Thank you.
    I will consider it because it seems to fit

    I’m worried about the oil temperature when I run on the circuit because three acquaintances of the same car have blown the engine.