One year later, there it was. Sitting in the H&R Springs Booth wrapped in gasoline stained sheets before it’s unveiling just before the start of SEMA 2015. It was supposed to be in the same spot last year, but it never made it. I had no idea it would actually be there this year and never gave it a second thought after it missed its original premier. I couldn’t wait to see, and Rusty Slammington 2.0 did indeed shock the world once again!

The gentlemen and team from Stance Works unveil Rusty Slammington 2.0 for the 1st time to the industry before the start of the 2015 SEMA show.

Back in the summer of 2015, I was contacted by Mike Burroughs, owner of, and was asked to be a part of the rebuild of Rusty. I was aware of the website, the scene, and had seen some pics of the original car. He mentioned to me that the rebuild after a catastrophic garage fire took the life of the original version, was really going to take the scene to the next level.

The original Rusty Slammington that became world-famous

I was humbled at the opportunity to be a part of such a unique and well-known build and jumped at the chance to join the stacked list of well-know manufacturers who were supporting the build. CSF offered our “R1” triple-pass all-aluminum universal radiator to keep this bad boy cool.

CSF’s all-aluminum triple-pass radiator was perfect for this build

Mike is a super chill guy, and when I met him at SEMA this year, he took the time to walk me around the car to explain some of the neat specifics of the car. Even in the midst of all the crazy cars at SEMA, this is straight sensor-overload!! So many cool things to see on this ride, and no matter how you feel about it, you really do have to appreciate the time, energy, and concept of this most unique one-of-a-kind Bimmer.

one of the coolest details on the car for me was the broken taillight. Super OG

The engine was crazy, and there was a lot going on between the custom tube-chassis that was welded in-house. Stainless steel braided AN lines ran across this thing like a maze, which I felt added to the mystic and personality of the car.

The CSF R1 radiator titled with a 3-fan set-up to keep this monster cool.
Lots going on, and a lot to take in when looking at this for the first time
The engine slams right into the firewall where they had to cut some of it out. Also, the headers sitting right up inside the passenger seat! Crazy!

From all angles this car is just nuts. The larger wheels in the back, and the widened fenders give this car an even bigger presence and stance than the first version.

Widened rear fenders and side skirt cut-out exhaust

There are way better pictures of the car on the links below. Also some great insight into the build history. Make sure to check them out.

We also have a couple of wallpapers from both H&R Springs and for you to download directly from here as well!

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