The A90/91 Toyota Supra is no doubt the hottest tuner car currently – both in terms of popularity in the performance aftermarket industry, as well as the amount of heat the car generates with increased power or when being pushed hard on the track or dragstrip.

As the world leader in BMW performance cooling, CSF has taken the lead in introducing a full-line of competition-grade cooling products and complete packages for the B58 engine (found in the Toyota Supra and many BMW G-Series models).

CSF has already released its most popular Front Mount Heat Exchanger for the B58 Charge-Air Cooling System, highly regarded as the go-to option in the industry to reduce intake air temperatures (IATs) and proven on the world’s fastest Supras.

As more vehicles start to become raced in competitive motorsports, the glaring overheating issues that plague this platform have become even more apparent. CSF has answered the call with the release of new High-Performance Auxiliary (Side) Radiators as well as a world exclusive Dual-Core Transmission Oil Cooler. In addition, CSF offers the world renowned B58 Super Charge-Air Cooler Manifold (CSF #8200).

Our full suite of high-performance coolers can now also be purchased as a complete package to solve cooling issues no matter the environment. More importantly, to help racers stay on the track longer and compete at higher levels, without cool-down laps or falling into “limp-mode.”

CSF B58 High-Performance Cooling Products

High-Performance Auxiliary Radiator (CSF #8179)


  • 2-Row, 42mm Ultra-High-Performance Core
  • 6.5mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fin with CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology 
  • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets and OEM Style “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet
  • 100% All Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
  • Includes Detachable Aluminum Rock Guard (Industry Exclusive) 
  • Finished in a Thermal Black Protective Coating
  • Fits Both Left & Right Side of Vehicle
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Drop-in Fit Requires No Modifications to Install
  • Tested and Proven by CSF’s Global Network of R&D Partners, Including Leading Time Attack Teams, Tuners, and Turbo Kit Manufacturers


  • 2020+ Toyota GR Supra (A90/A91)
  • 2022+ BMW G42 M240iX
  • 2018+ BMW G20 320i & M340i(X)
  • 2017+ BMW G29 Z4 30i & Z4 M40i


  • 16400-WAA04 (Toyota)
  • 17118672237 (BMW)


  • Two-Piece Special Pricing (L/R) $599.00 USD

Don’t be fooled by other high-performance aftermarket options that utilize the OEM plastic rock guard. The OEM rock guard’s vertical channel design is specifically designed to only work with the tube spacing found on the OEM core. When the OEM rock guard is installed on an aftermarket radiator, it actually blocks a significant amount of surface area. Obviously this is detrimental to the intended performance. During CSF’s own R&D phase, CSF analyzed both the OEM and other aftermarket offerings and decided to go the extra mile. CSF redesigned the included rock guard to allow maximum flow to the radiator core, while still offering ample protection from small rocks and road debris – all proven on CSF’s in-house wind tunnel.

CSF’s new Auxiliary Radiator fits both the left and right side of the vehicle as a drop-in fit. Thus requiring no modifications to install. Each features CNC machined mounting brackets and OEM style “Quick Connect” inlet/outlet connections. This makes for a true plug-and-play installation that does not interfere with aftermarket performance aero modifications.

High-Performance Transmission Oil Cooler (CSF #8183)

CSF is the world leader in cooling technology. From its experience starting with the transmission in the BMW F8X M3, M4, and M2 Comp, CSF applied several different features exclusive to its manufacturing technologies.

An innovative dual-core design allows for a 240% increase in core volume, resulting in maximum performance and maintaining optimal shifting during extreme racing conditions – from road racing to the drag strip.

During R&D, CSF consulted with a network of partners, including leading time attack teams, tuners, and more. Often, the feedback was gearbox fatigue and sluggish shifting with transmission temperatures overheating under prolonged or hard use.

CSF has the answer with our industry-leading transmission cooler for A90/91 Supra and BMW G-Series. Installed in the world’s fastest A90 Supra  – Titan Motorsports Drag Race Supra (first and only Supra to reach the 8s in the 1/4 mile).


  • 5.4mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fin vs. OEM 7mm
  • Made with CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super-High Pressure 16mm 9-Channel Microtube for Optimal Oil Flow and Maximum Surface Area Contact 
  • 129mm Overall Height vs. OEM 125mm Allows for Maximum Performance Without Increasing Overall Surface Area or Blocking Airflow to Rest of Cooling System
  • Utilizes OEM Top/Bottom Rubber Seals for Optimal Airflow
  • OEM Style “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet Connections 
  • Drop-in Fit Requires No Modifications to Install 
  • Can be Installed With CSF’s High-Performance Heat Exchanger (CSF #8154) or with the OEM Cooling System
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Ideal for Road Racing, Drag Racing, and Vehicles With Increased Performance and/or Transmission Tuning


  • 2020+ Toyota GR Supra (A90/A91)
  • 2018+ BMW G29 Z4 M40i
  • 2022+ BMW G42 M240iX
  • 2018+ BMW G20 3-Series (330e, M340i, M340iX)
  • 2018+ BMW G21 M340iX Touring

Dual-core Advantage

  • 240% Increase in Core Volume
  • 130% Increase in Fluid Capacity Compared to OEM (CSF 550ml vs. OEM ~240ml)
  • Two 16mm Stacked Cores = 32mm Core Width (44mm Overall Width) vs. OEM 15mm Core Width
  • Rear Cooler: 15 Rows vs. OEM 12 Rows
  • Front Cooler: Additional 12 Rows 


  • 32910-WAA02 (Toyota)
  • 17219494828 (BMW)


  • $599.00 USD

CSF’s industry-exclusive dual-core design allows for maximum performance and the largest core volume oil capacity without effecting airflow into the rest of the cooling system. No more transmission temperature overheating or expansion tank overflow during racing conditions.

CSF’s High-Performance transmission Cooler installed. Designed as a drop-in fit to work with both the OEM Front Mount Heat Exchanger as well as CSF’s High-Performance version (CSF #8154) with included rock guard. Also designed to utilize the OEM top/bottom rubber seals for optimal airflow into the cooling system.

CSF B58 Charge-Air Cooler Manifold (CSF #8200)

With well over 1,500 hours of design, prototype development, machining, and testing, CSF, along with partners VF Engineering (USA) and Custom Plenum Creations (Australia), has now brought a state-of-the-art CNC machined, high-performance Charge-Air Cooler Manifold to the B58 platform for Mk5 Supra and BMW models. This product solves what has been commonly known as a weak link of an otherwise impressive new engine platform. 

With the larger and more efficient water-to-air intercooler performance, lower pressure drop across the system, included fuel rail, kit for top feed port injection, and several other industry-leading features, the CSF Super Manifold will allow B58 owners to maximize the performance of their vehicles and push the limits further than what has been previously possible with this new platform.


  • Utilizes a High Performance, Motorsports-Grade Bar/Plate Air-to-Water Intercooler Core
    • Double the Capacity of the OEM Core (12 Rows of Water Cooling vs. OEM 6 Rows)
  • Significantly Lower Pressure Drop Across the Core Compared to OEM
  • Designed in SolidWorks Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Integrated Air Divider in Inlet Tank Evenly Distributes Airflow Throughout the Core
  • Easy Access to Spin-Off Oil Filter for Quick Oil Changes – No Need to Uninstall Manifold Every Oil Change
    • Counter Balanced Design for Optimized Airflow 
  • Integrated Sensor Pad with Three 1/8″ NPT Ports to Measure Additional Parameters
  • Included Optional Fuel Rail for Top Feed Port Injection
    • Individual Port Injection Bungs on Each Cylinder Runner (Comes Pre-Plugged)
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Ports on the Top of Each Cylinder Runner for Nitrous or Meth Injection
    • Allows for Even Spray Distribution and Control for Maximum Performance and Engine Protection
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Breather Ports for Both Inlet/Outlet Water Connections on Back of Manifold for Easy Air-Bleeding of the System 
  • Plug-and-Play design, Requiring No Modifications to Install
    • Includes Hardware and Installation Kit with Picture Diagrams Containing 28 Different Parts for Easy Installation 
    • Can be Used With OEM or Aftermarket Engine Covers (with OEM Connections)
  • Comes Finished in Raw Billet Aluminum – Made by World-Leading Automotive Machinist Custom Plenum Creations in Australia 
  • For a More in-Depth Look Please Check out the Press Release

OEM Part Numbers

  • BMW: 11618647977
  • Toyota: 17101-WAA01


  • MSRP/MAP $4,299 USD
YearModelSub-ModelChassis CodeEngine Code
18+X3 M40iXG01B58C
18+X4 M40iXG02B58C
18+X5 45iG05B58C
18+X5 45iXG05B58C
18+X5 45eXG05B58C
18+X6 40iG06B58C
18+X6 40iXG06B58C
18+Z4 M40iG29B58C
18+X7 40iXG07B58C
*B85C (2nd gen) motor only. Model Years equipped with this motor vary by region

Complete Cooling Packages

Three Piece Race-Spec Cooling Package

  • High-Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger + Two Auxiliary Radiators
  • Package Price $1,249 (Original MSRP for all three components purchased separately $1,357 USD)

Four Piece Competition-Spec Cooling Package

  • High-Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger + Two Auxiliary Radiators + Transmission Cooler
  • Package Price $1,749 (Original MSRP for all four components purchased separately $1,956 USD)

Five Piece Ultimate-Spec Cooling Package

  • High-Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger + Two Auxiliary Radiators + Transmission Cooler + Super Charge-Air Cooler Manifold
  • Package Price $5,899 (Original MSRP for all five components purchased separately $6,255 USD)

Six Piece Ultimate-Spec-Plus Cooling Package

  • High-Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger + Two Auxiliary Radiators + Transmission Cooler + Super Charge-Air Cooler Manifold + Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer
  • Package Price $5,995 (Original MSRP for all five components purchased separately $6,554 USD)

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Installed in the world’s fastest A90 Supra  – Titan Motorsports’ Drag Race Supra (first and only Supra to reach the 8s in the 1/4 mile). Titan Motorsports has been a key development and motorsports testing partner to CSF as well as our preferred dealer for all A90/91 Toyota Supra cooling products.

Complete Four Piece Competition-Spec Cooling Package installed in the TAPG Motorsports endurance racing/time trial Toyota A90 Supra.

Complete Four Piece Competition-Spec Cooling Package installed in the Art of Attack A90 Supra, competing in Global Time Attack.

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