F90 M5 & F92 M8 High-Performance Charge Coolers

CSF and RK Autowerks With Another World Exclusive

CSF is proud to release the world’s first and industry exclusive BMW F90 M5/F92 M8 High-Performance Charge Coolers – developed alongside long-time R&D partners RK Autowerks.

Above: CSF’s Charge-Air Coolers Installed – Comes Standard in OEM+ Crinkle Black (as Shown) or Raw Aluminum Finish (Custom Finishes Available at Additional Cost)

CSF is the world leader in BMW air-to-water charge-air cooling technology. From its experience starting with its industry-leading one-piece S55 Charge Cooler, to then developing the world’s first Charge-Air Cooling System for the F1X M5/M6, CSF applied several different features exclusive to its manufacturing technologies to create its newest and most innovative Charge-Air Cooling System for the F9X M5 and M8.

This new design truly tested the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of CSF, with over one year of development and several prototype revisions to achieve absolutely perfect fitment into an engine bay with only a few millimeters to spare – a true plug-and-play system requiring no modifications to install.

The weak OEM crimped-on plastic end tanks have been replaced with CSF’s larger, CFD analyzed, 100% TIG-welded cast end tanks. The top side of CSF’s Charge-Air Cooling System now features air inlet tanks with seamless integrated charge pipes versus the OEM plastic charge pipes that are glued to the intercoolers. Like the previous F1X model, CSF has again integrated dual 1/8 NPT ports into the outlet side air tanks for quick and easy installation of aftermarket methanol injection systems. The side-specific positioning of these ports have been designed and strategically placed directly into the post-intercooled charge-air stream for maximum performance.

Before finally releasing these new charge coolers to the market, CSF worked with RK Autowerks to install, verify perfect fitment, and conduct performance testing on two of the world’s fastest and most powerful F90 M5 Sedans.

60-130MPH Testing – Before & After CSF Charge Coolers

RK Autowerks Stage 3 F90 M5 – ~900+ WHP/~1,000+ HP @ the crank

  • RK Built Engine
  • RK 3076 Turbos
  • RK Methanol
  • RK Downpipes
  • CSF Race Charge-Air Coolers w/ Built-in Meth Injection System
  • Eventuri Intakes
  • Stock Tires, Wheels, Exhaust, and Full Weight
  • Tuned In-House by Utku Noa

High-Performance Charge Coolers (CSF #8178)

  • World’s 1st and Industry Exclusive Cast End Tank Designed High-Performance Charge-Air-Cooler Set for the BMW F90 M5 & F92 M8
  • Custom Designed CSF Liquid-To-Air Intercooler Core (CFD Analysis and Testing Completed to Ensure Optimal Performance)
  • ~100% Increase in Core Volume Per Each Charge Cooler Compared to the OEM Charge Air Coolers
  • 1-Piece Seamless Air Inlet End Tanks with Integrated Charge Pipes
  • Integrated E85/Methanol Injection Ports Built into Air Outlet End Tank (Dual 1/8 NPT Ports Per Cooler) 
  • Complete with OEM-Style “Quick Connect” Water Connections and Sensor Ports
  • Designed with 3D Scanning/Rapid Prototype Technology to Ensure Precise Fitment and Maximum Surface Area Utilization
  • “Drop-In Fit” Design with No Modifications Necessary
  • Finished with a Professional “Crinkle Black” Powder-Coated Finish (CSF #8178), Also Available in Raw Aluminum Finish with Option for Custom Powder-Coating Available (Inquire for More Details on Lead Time and Pricing)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold As A Complete Set With Left/Right Charge-Air Coolers + Installation Hardware
  • Significantly Reduces Intake Air Temperatures (IATs), Improves 60-130MPH Time By ~0.30 Seconds
  • Fits:
    • 2018-2021 BMW F90 M5 (Sedan)
    • 2018-2021 BMW F91 M8 (Convertible)
    • 2018-2021 BMW F92 M8 (Coupe)
    • 2018-2021 BMW F93 M8 (Gran Coupe)
  • OEM #:
    • Left: 17517852406
    • Right: 17517852407
  • MSRP: $2,995.00 USD
  • MAP: $2,799.00 USD


CSF’s new F90 M5/F92 M8 Charge Coolers come standard in an OEM+ Crinkle Black or Raw Finish. Custom finishes are available for an additional cost.

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