Anyone that has truly experienced one, knows M cars are a class of their own. Sure, they sit within that popular luxury-performance segment alongside the -V lineup, AMGs, and more – but, unlike many others, they still sort of have that raw feeling when you’re behind the wheel that makes them so much more fun to drive than their plush counterparts.

There aren’t many that fully encompass this better than the F10 M5. It’s tasteful, but it’s somehow still a showstopper and a blast to drive.

That’s why when we came across this individual Imola Red example back in late 2017, we knew we had to get our hands on it. It was a gem with low mileage and very little wear. We purchased it sight unseen from a seller in Washington DC and had it shipped here to Southern California. 

The timing was perfect – As the industry leader in BMW cooling, we had a long history of success with previous M3 versions (E46 and E9X) as well as the latest F8X M3 and M4 platform. The F10 M5 (also fits F06/12/13 M6) was a no-brainer next step to expand our BMW lineup. Plus, the car’s condition and striking color combination made the perfect starting point for the OEM+ build plans we had in store.

The goal was to create a car that anyone could appreciate – with daily drivability, enough power for fun on the street and occasional strip run, and looks that could kill.

“[It’s] a big, bright red beast of a machine, but it manages to be all that without being offensive or obnoxious.”

Elizabeth de Lafour, Performance BMW

We aimed for obvious diligence – to focus on the details. The performance side of the build was kicked off by 6Sixty and Evolve, while PSM Dynamic and IND handled the car’s tasteful cosmetic modifications. Our friends at RK Autowerks immediately jumped in to create an intake system as well as assist in engineering our Charge Coolers with PureTurbos.

Upon release, the Liquid-to-Air Charge Coolers quickly became one of our most popular BMW cooling upgrades, with upwards of 150 sets sold around the world (at the time of writing – Feb, 2020). They’re the first of their kind in the world and still exclusive to CSF. They’re available in either our standard OEM finished crinkle black or in a custom powder-coat finish, just like you see in the CSF F10 M5 – this example finished in fire engine red with a hammered texture clear coat.

Today, the M5 has hit the quarter mile at ShiftSector multiple times, been featured in Performance BMW Magazine and SuperStreet, and tackled Southern California commutes to CSF’s HQ for a few years now.

To learn more about the CSF F10 M5, check out the videos and stories below:

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