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While the 944 might not be first car that comes to mind when someone says “Classic Porsche”, there are plenty of enthusiasts who hold this car near and dear. For many owners looking to keep their 944’s running like new, engine cooling is a top priority. OEM Replacements can be hard to find and there very few reliable aftermarket options available. CSF worked closely Joe Anselmo Motorsports in development and is pleased to release the High-Performance All Aluminum Radiator (CSF #7088) + Fan & Shroud Kit (CSF #8180) for the Porsche 944 (NA & Turbo).

Design & Engineering

Joe Anselmo Motorsports is one of the leading Porsche service centers here in Southern California and specializes in 944s. With Joe’s knowledge and expertise, CSF was able to design the radiator to fit all models of the Porsche 944. This High-Performance Radiator is a True Plug-and-Play “Drop-in Fit” upgrade.

All mounting brackets are CNC Machined for precise fitment. The cooling inlet/outlet connections use the same OEM style slip on connection type for use with any OEM or Aftermarket radiator hoses.

How it fits NA & Turbo

Many 944 owners know that the OEM Radiators for the NA and Turbo aren’t normally cross compatible without modifications. This is due the OEM Turbo radiator being ~1 inch taller than the NA version. While designing the radiator, CSF decided to base the dimension off of the NA radiator while increasing the core capacity to still exceed the OEM Turbo radiator’s cooling capacity. Using a 2-Row 42mm core with CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology, the size difference is not a limiting factor in cooling performance. To remedy the size differential for installation, CSF includes CNC Billet spacers for use on the 944 Turbo (AKA 951).

Attention to Detail

CSF also included removable/adjustable crossover pipe brackets on the top of the radiator. The 944 Turbo model’s have a crossover cooling pipe while the NA version does not. This pipe is designed to distribute coolant from the reservoir to the radiator and from the coolant pump house to the cylinder head. From the factory, this pipe is normally zip tied to the top of the radiator to keep it from rattling around. Joe Anselmo thought this was a great addition to the radiator making the installation feel better than it came from the factory.

Upgrading the Fans

While the OEM Fans are functional, they are still a design dating back to the 1980’s and leave plenty of room for improvement. Electric fan technology has progressed a lot over the years and newer fans can efficiently move more air with a lower drawn on your car’s electrical system. The laser cut shroud ensures the most efficient function of the fans drawing air through the radiator. The low profile dual 9-inch SPAL fans move 1180 CFM of air. The Fan & Shroud kit is designed to fit the CSF #7088 Radiator but will also fit OEM 944 NA Radiators. These fans have standard SPAL connectors but can be rewired for OEM connectors during installation.

Product Images

Porsche 944 (NA & Turbo) High-Performance All Aluminum Radiator & Fan + Shroud Kit Features (CSF #7088 & #8180)

#7088 – High-Performance All Aluminum Radiator

  • 2-Row – 42mm Ultra-High-Performance Core
  • CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology
  • 6.5mm Tall Ultra Efficient Fins with a Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets, Fittings, and OEM Style Inlet/Outlet
  • 100% All Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
  • Satin Black Finish for OEM+ Look
  • Includes Upgraded Yellow Zinc Hardware
  • Includes Adjustable Top End Plate Radiator Cross-Over Tube Brackets
  • True Plug-and-Play “Drop-in Fit” Installation Requires Absolutely No Modifications
  • Individually Leak and Pressure Tested
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Optional Shroud & Dual 9-Inch SPAL Fan Kit Available (CSF #8180)
  • Applications:
    • 1985-1991 Porsche 944 Turbo / Turbo S – Manual Transmission Only
    • 1983-1991 Porsche 944 NA (2.5L / 2.7L / 3.0L) – Manual Transmission Only
      *Note: 83-85 manual transmission cars require hose PN: 944.106.245.02 to fit
    • 1992-1995 Porsche 968 – Manual Transmission Only
    • 1987-1988 Porsche 924S – Manual Transmission Only
  • OEM Part Numbers:
    • Porsche: 951-106-031-07 (944 S2/Turbo / 968)
      • Supersedes:
        • Porsche: 951-106-031-01
        • Porsche: 951-106-031-02
        • Porsche: 951-106-031-05
        • Porsche: 951-106-031-50
    • Porsche: 944-106-031-04 (944 NA / 924S)
      • Supersedes:
        • Porsche: 944-106-031-03
        • Porsche: 944-106-031-02
    • Porsche: 944-106-031-01 (Early Model NA*)
  • MSRP/MAP: $695.00 USD

#8180 – Fan + Shroud Kit

  • Laser Cut All Aluminum Construction
  • Dual 9-Inch SPAL Fans with SPAL connectors
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Satin Black Finish for OEM+ Look
  • True “Drop-in Fit” for the CSF #7088 & Non-Turbo 944 OE Radiators
  • Fan plugs are standard SPAL connectors. Requires splicing to work with OE Harness
  • OEM Part Numbers:
    • Porsche: 944-624-021-05 (Fan Assembly)
      • Supersedes:
        • Porsche: 944-624-021-02
        • Porsche: 944-624-021-03
    • Porsche: 944-106-143-02 (Shroud)
  • MSRP/MAP: $399.00 USD

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    Hi James,

    We are currently updating the data on this product. This radiator does not fit the automatic transmission vehicles without using an external transmission oil cooler.

    Hi Ernie,

    The MSRP/MAP is listed after the features: Radiator – $695.00 USD & Fan + Shroud – $399.00 USD. If you are looking for wholesale pricing you’ll need to email us and discuss becoming a dealer. You can reach us at info@csfrace.com