The 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra is one of the most versatile Toyota trucks you can get for its price. It’s the ultimate all-around truck – a true workhorse with solid off-road cred – making it an ideal choice for anyone from the average Joe to your TRD PRO.

The Tundra is no stranger to family road trips, hauling heavy gear & crew (both on and off-road) and towing loads. Even with its proven V8, like any truck designed for the daily driver, when it’s pushed to its limits, it still has certain tipping points.

When in tow, often dealing with steep grades, owners put enormous stress on the engine as coolant temperatures rise and the truck starts to run sluggish. These same responses can be experienced in any situation when your engine is under stress. Heat soak, on the other hand, can cause overheating issues while off-roading at slower speeds and driving through extreme temperatures.

The Solution: CSF’s Heavy Duty All-Aluminum Radiator

Its all-aluminum end tanks and high-performance 2-row 42mm core is 40% larger than the OEM radiator – thus, making it more efficient by increasing its capacity and heat transfer capabilities.

Avoid Heat Soak

Whether you’re daily driving, towing/hauling, off-roading, or anything in-between, the all-aluminum radiator keeps temperatures within optimal operating ranges. The larger, ultra-high-performance core not only allows for more cooling capacity, but it also features CSF’s exclusive B-Tube Technology, which substantially increases the core’s surface area for improved heat dissipation.

The CSF all-aluminum heavy-duty radiator is a must for those who have power upgrades such as the TRD or Magnuson Supercharger. Rule of thumb: when you add more horsepower, the engine generates more heat. Therefore, you should improve your cooling system to maximize and maintain power outputs.

Check out our friends at Vivid Racing install this radiator in their Supercharged Toyota Tundra.
Check Out Larry Chen’s Magnuson Supercharged Tundra with the CSF Radiator.

Drop-in Performance

Though larger than the OEM radiator, CSF’s heavy-duty version is still a “drop-in” fit, requiring no modification for installation. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade or replace their radiator with a direct-fit product.

Durability & Reliability

Along with its performance improvements, the CSF Toyota Tundra radiator will also outlast OEM.

After years of use, OEM plastic end tanks can become brittle from excessive heat, vibration, or pressures, causing leaks or radiator failure. CSF’s all-aluminum and TIG-welded end tanks make the heavy-duty radiator the perfect answer to upgrading and safe-guarding when compared to OEM. The CNC machined mounting brackets and pins provide more strength and durability.

High-Performance Radiator (#7031) Features:

Part Number: CSF7031
OEM Numbers: 16400-0F060, 16400-0S010, 16400-0S030, 16410-AZ060, 16400-0S040, & 16410-AZ005
Pricing: MSRP: $509 USD / MAP: $469 USD

  • 2007-2021 5.7L Toyota Tundra (Automatic & Manual)
  • 2007-2009 4.7L Toyota Tundra (Automatic & Manual)
  • 2010-2019 4.6L Toyota Tundra (Automatic & Manual)
  • 2008-2009 4.7L Toyota Sequoia
  • 2010-2012 4.6L Toyota Sequoia
  • 2008-2022 5.7L Toyota Sequoia


Also Available: 1st Gen Tundra (#7030)

Part Number: CSF #7030
Pricing: MSRP/MAP $499.00 USD
Fitment: 1999-2006 Toyota Tundra (Automatic & Manual)

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    I have a Magnuson blower on my 2017 tundra, the blower radiator is attached in the middle of the stock radiator. Will this blower cooler cause any issues to your radiator?

    Hi Gary,

    Our radiator will work with the Magnuson Supercharger heat exchanger. We have seen it done many times and was recently featured on Larry Chen’s Tundra which he just installed the Magnuson Blower on.