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The world debut of the CSF Porsche 911/930 and 914-6 Engine Oil Coolers at Rennsport Reunion was met with resounding enthusiasm. Air-cooled enthusiasts know the struggles associated with the oil coolers located on the engine block of the old flat six motors.

While the original design was effective at the time, they have not aged well. On top of that, there have been no updates to the design and original replacement units can be hard to come by. When the CSF 911 was being built, CSF realized this was a much needed part for the air-cooled community and set out to design something special.

Design and Engineering

The original Behr Cooler was designed back in the 1960s and definitely shows its age at this point. Original coolers can be cleaned and refurbished but there is good chance they will start leaking after cleaning. The cleaning process doesn’t cause leaks, but it can remove the gunk that has kept the original from showing the leak beforehand. However, the core is not the only source of leaks. The base plate that mount to the block can become slightly warped causing the seals to not seat correctly. The old original coolers aren’t the only issue though. CSF has gotten many first hand reports of brand new OE coolers leaking within a few months of installation. It’s time for a modern solution to this vintage design.

The cores of the CSF units utilize a modern and robust tube and fin design that has higher flow, less pressure drop, and is more durable than the original core design. Because the base plate of the coolers is also a common problem area, CSF wanted upgrade this area as much as possible. Instead of the original cast design, the CSF coolers use a CNC machined billet aluminum plate. This offers a perfectly flat mounting surface which is both stronger and more resistant to warping over time. In addition, the CSF #8242 for the 911 comes with two stainless steel fittings for both pre and post 1973 models.

Pre-Release Information

Both the 911 and 914-6 Engine Oil Coolers will be commercially available in 4-6 weeks (November 2023). The full press release will have all the detailed information but here are some of the details we shared at the show:

911 and 914-6 Engine Oil Cooler Features:

  • OEM+ recreation of the original Behr cooler
  • CNC Machined bottom plate with helix design for strength and pocketed for lightweight
  • Modern Tube & Fin core with lower pressure drop and higher heat dissipation than the original
  • All OEM Behr features replicated on the billet mounting plate and cooler case
  • Comes standard with modern Cerakote titanium finish (additional heat dissipation) – modern interpretation of the Behr OEM finish
  • Optimized ID and flow characteristics of oil pipe for maximum oil flow through the vehicle’s oil system.
  • Complete drop-in fit, absolutely no modifications to install.
  • 10 year warranty
  • New OEM coolers from Porsche are extremely scarce/hard to source and cost $1,300+
  • CSF #8242 Applications:
    • 1965-1989 Porsche 911/930 Turbo
  • CSF #8242 OEM Part Numbers:
    • Porsche: 911 107 041 02
    • Porsche: 901 107 041 03
      • Superseded:
        • Porsche: 901 107 041 02
        • Porsche: 901 107 041 50
        • Porsche: 901 107 041 BX
        • Porsche: 911 107 041 00
  • CSF #8260 Applications:
    • 1970-1972 Porsche 914-6
  • CSF #8260 OEM Part Numbers:
    • Porsche: 901 107 059 03
      • Superseded:
        • Porsche: 901 107 059 01

911 and 914-6 Engine Oil Cooler Product Flyers:

Photos from Rennsport Reunion 7

Photographer: cooled.collective


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