CSF’s last big show of the summer happened a couple of weeks ago in Toronto, Canada. ImportFest, billed as Canada’s “Biggest and Baddest car show”, did not disappoint. To be honest, this is one of the best car show’s in North America that I’ve ever had the chance to attend. Basit (CEO) and the rest of #TeamImportFest really know how to throw a great event. This year was extra special for 2 reasons; It was the 1st time CSF had a display at the show, and it also coincided with the grand opening of their own performance shop, ImportFest Performance that took place the day after the show.

Eric’s SFWD HB EK is currently the 3rd fastest in Canada, and was definite crowd pleaser at the show. Rule #1 “A race car is always a show car”

We’ll start it off by giving you an inside look at Eric’s SFWD EK Civic. Eric works for our exclusive Canadian distributor –JRP in Toronto. He’s in charge of the Honda market, and he sure does know what he’s doing. He’s currently getting his ride ready for the Haltec World Cup in November and is looking to break under 8.5 in the ¼ mile with his new Sheepey Built turbo kit featuring a massive 6-inch thick #MagnumCooler intercooler core as well as our #KingCooler universal drag-race radiator.

Looking just as good as it performs. Check out Eric’s ride on IG @murda_civic

CSF is the official cooling supplier to all of the #TeamImportFest vehicles. Year after year, these guys are turning out some of the best cars in N. America. The build quality and the extent of tasteful modifications that are apparent in the highest level of builds around Toronto is nothing take to lightly, rivaling some of the best builds that I’ve seen in So-Cal.

Walking into ImportFest this year, and hard parked next to one of the Vossen wheel displays was @1sicG w/ his LibertyWalk G37. CSF brought this car all the way to SEMA 2015 as a featured car.

Vossen is the official sponsor of ImportFest, and they really do it big with a great display in the middle of the convention center. CSF was proud to be a part of the 2 Porsche that they had on display in their 4-car booth. Both were featuring Vossen’s debut of their new 3-piece wheels as well as CSF’s all-aluminum Porsche race radiators to help keep these unique body-kitted cars cool.

Basit’s personal 987 Cayman with the new Pandem/Rocket Bunny kit. 1st one in Canada, and it looks great with the maritime blue paint. Check more of this out on IG @ifest987
Navin’s 997 has gone under the knife a few times and is now rocking the Old/New Slant nose conversion body kit in the new 991 GT#RS ultra-violet purple color. More on IG @ifest911

The Old/New body kit for 997 & 996 cars has been getting much attention since it’s debut at SEMA 2016. One of the biggest concerns and talking points with the body kit is the lack of airflow to the cooling system, there literally is none, lol.. It’s impossible to keep the car cool without having CSF high capacity ultra-efficient radiators. CSF recommends not only adding upgraded side radiators, but also taking the additional step of adding the optional 3rd center radiator. We have a full tutorial on another blog feature showing just how to do this, and what parts are needed to get it done.

It was my first time seeing the old/new Porsche body kit on a 996. Surprisingly, from the side/front angle, it looks better – however, the back just looks a little too boxy for my tastes! I guess you can’t get everything you want. The guys from MS autobody in Toronto / Nextmod crew always bring out the best cars in Toronto. More on IG @MSautobody and @nextmod
Harvin from Importfest has some of the best builds in the crew. His rocketbunny GT-R may be up for sale soon! More on his GT-R on IG @ifestgtr
Harvin’s other car is his baby. He’s told me several times that he’ll never get rid of it, and that it’s faster than all the Porsches in the crew! (ya he said that).. His Rocket Bunny Boss S13 features a CSF radiator + our BOSS oil cooler externally mounted for the classic JDM look, with the new twist. Want to see more Boss kitted S13/14’s check out our blog from last year’s JCCS.

The next day, I took the 30 minute ride out of the city to go visit the new shop. Man was I impressed!! This was one of the nicest / cleanest performance shops that I’ve ever seeing! These guys really know what they’re doing, and on behalf of CSF and the automotive aftermarket community we’re wishing you guys all the best!

A great mix of lifestyle and performance when walking through the front door.

Going to break you guys off with some of the other cool cars that I saw walking around ImportFest and some that were also at the grand opening of the new shop. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but a few of these I just had to stop and admire. How about that wide body M4!!

We’ll be dropping some more editorial coverage in the next couple of weeks as we gear up for SEMA 2017.. Stay tuned, and STAY COOL!

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